The Odyssey Times, Vol 1, Issue 10

Excerpts from the no-longer-existent feature called The Odyssey Times.

Instant Messenger Software Popular In Odyssey

Commonly used IM expressions
JK Just Kidding
BRB Be Right Back
BTW By the Way
GTG Got to Go
IMHO In My Humble Opinion
LOL Laughing out Loud
OTFLOL On the Floor Laughing out Loud
ROTFLOL Rolling On the Floor Laughing out Loud
🙂 Happy face
😉 Wink
😦 Sad face

AlexJeff4Son: Hey!
CalRiver: Hello!
AlexJeff4Son: How are you?
AlexJeff4Son: 🙂
CalRiver: ;-)So goes the chit-chat on an average Instant Messenger conversation on an evening in Odyssey. The use of Instant Messenger software has become a habit for many Odyssey residents, including Connie Kendall and Cal Jordan.

“I use Instant Messenger to talk to my friends all the time,” says Kendall. “What makes it so much better than the phone is that you can talk to about five people at once.” Kendall said the most people she’s talked to at once has been “around twenty-two maybe twenty-three actually, once I think I might have had twenty-five.”

Cal Jordan says Instant Messenger is a fun way to meet people on the Internet. “Since it’s free, you can talk to people all over the world. You get to meet people you’d never meet in real life.” Jordan says the person he talks to most is his cousin Alex Jefferson. Unfortunately, neither Jordan nor Jefferson would comment on ever getting in trouble using Instant Messenger.


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