The Odyssey Times, Vol 1, Issue 10

Excerpts from the no-longer-existent feature called The Odyssey Times.

Novacom launches Destination Station amid controversy

Marking another in a series of controversial, protested shows to be released within months, Novacom began airing their kid-aimed, but violence-filled program, Destination Station. The show has touched off a wave of debate over both its violent content and its similarities to the Imagination Station, an attraction at Whit’s End. The show airs on Novacom channel 25 on Wednesday evenings.

The pilot episode for Destination Station begins on a cold night in the small town of Wilmore, Maryland where four children stumble upon an old inventor’s warehouse filled with strange devices. At the far end of the warehouse, they find an old metallic object that resembles a phone booth. Stepping inside, the kids are whisked away to another time and another place. They have no idea how to return to the present day and wonder if they will get out alive.

That’s where the violence starts. The kids are involved in some epic-scale battles that feature some exciting special effects for a television program, but concerned parents say the battles are far too intense for the target age group. “Kids this age don’t need to be seeing battles and death,” said Maureen Thompson, one of the parents who has spoken out against the shows. “Novacom is showing they have no concern for our children.” Arthur Dent, general manager of Novacom said that Novacom will continue to investigate concerns and will meet with parents to talk about the show’s content.


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