Avery Awards forecasting update

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*Opening news thriller music*

Hey nerds! We have a whole eight responses to our Avery Awards survey, so it’s time to rub our hands in glee and see who’s winning the Averys!

Last news update we informed you that Shona Kennedy was winning. Well, in a stunning upset, Katie Leigh is taking the crown!! Shona Kennedy still has a chance, she has 40% of the vote, and Katie has 50%. Kimmy Robertson has 10% and appears to be out of the race.

Voters for the best actor seem to be divided, but Robby Bruce is taking the polls by storm. Andre Stojka may have a chance, but it’s a slim one!

Voters for the best scene, again, seem to be very divided. “Old Tricks, where Eugene and Katrina confront Buck” is taking 50% of the vote, however, the rest of the vote is evenly divided amongst Connie the Counselor and A Very Bassett Wedding. Old Tricks will probably win.

Episodes with the best sound design- Legacy is winning by a slim margin! Old Tricks may yet win another award, though it’s bouncing back and forth in the polls.

The best song in Legacy- as we in the newsroom predicted- is voted to be Some Little Corner of the World, with 50% of a divided vote. You’re The Apple of My Eye is in second with 25% of the vote, and the remaining 25% is divided amongst various songs.

Again- the results for “Best Script” are being rather fickle, but Connie the Counselor is winning by a slim margin, with two episodes close behind. The polls are divided between Old Tricks and No Friend Like an Old Friend as a runner-up for second place. The tables may turn yet!

The votes for the Best Comical Pair of characters have shifted in favor of Connie and Eugene! In second place, a large margin behind, is Wooton and Penny Bassett.

And the big finale and big news, folks! The award for Best Overall Episode in the polls is a tie! This may change at a breakneck pace, but 40% of the vote is for Old Tricks, and 40% is for A Very Bassett Wedding!! The Averys is coming up, folks, and we may just have to wait and see who wins if no one else takes the Odysseynerds survey!

This was Kungfunaomi, coming to you live from my time, and off by about an hour-day for everybody else, and reminding you to come in and nerd out at Odysseynerds!


*Closing news thriller music*







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