The Odyssey Times, Vol 1, Issue 10

Excerpts from the no-longer-existent feature called The Odyssey Times.

From Where I Sit

by Dale Jacobs

Sitting in my office staring out at the snow falling outside in Odyssey, I like to think how peaceful this time of year can be. I enjoy few things more than sitting inside in front of a warm crackling fireplace with a cup of piping hot chocolate and the evening paper.

The contrast of sitting and reading in the warmth and comfort of my home and reading about all the chaos in the world just outside my window struck me especially the other day when I found that, as often happens, I was reading the stories without thinking about the real people and events behind them. It happens especially with newspaper-men. We become so desensitized to the news that we forget it’s real.

And what can we do while sitting in front of the fireplace and reading the news? Just that…read. Learn. Understand the events. Gain a better understanding of everything that’s happening in the world.

And what should our next step be? A step out the door. To step into the real world, with all the knowledge we’ve obtained and do something about it. Make a difference. And meet those people and those situations that we’ve read about in the paper


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