Avery Awards forecasting (for the 80th time)

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Hey nerds! We have had quite a few more responses to the Odysseynerds Avery Awards survey, and now it’s time to tally up the results yet again and see who’s winning!!

First off, the Best Actress award is having a tough time of it. Katie Leigh was winning for a few precious moments, and then Shona Kennedy yet again shot ahead and is the leader. It’s going to be tough to call, but Shona has held first place pretty steadily, and may turn out to be the winner.

The award for Best Actor is no contest. Robby Bruce has taken the polls by storm, with 54% of the vote. The rest of the vote is divided between Atticus Shaffer, Andre Stojka, and Jess Harnell. Gregory Jbara as Wilson Knox has not received any votes.

The award for Best Scene is going to Old Tricks so far, as the scene where Buck was confronted about his deception is a fan favorite. However, the write-ins for Best Scene are rather diverse, and include the following:
“The Grass is Always Greener” when Olivia is trying to get her parents to celebrate her birthday early this year, so she can get new boots,
The wedding scene of “A Very Bassett Wedding”,
And the scene in “Old Tricks” where Eugene is talking to Buck in the garage.

The award for Best Sound Design has changed places again, this time Legacy parts 1 and 2 are in the limelight, the question is for how long.

The award for Best Song in Legacy is of course going to “Some Little Corner of the World”. It has shot ahead with 54% of the vote, and “You’re the Apple of My Eye” is in 2nd place with 27% of the vote.

In a stunning, surprising, INCONCIEVABLE upset of the polls, the winner of Best Script may end up being No Friend Like an Old Friend! It is currently tied for first place with Connie the Counselor, and Old Tricks and a Very Bassett Wedding are tied for second. The rest of the episodes are tied for third, with The Feud of Mason County and Parker For President eliminated, having received no votes.

The award for Best Comical Pair of Characters will go to Connie Kendall and Eugene Meltsner, simply because they are winning. However, Wooton and Wellington, and Wooton and Penny still have a fighting chance, and they may not give up without a fight.

The award for Best Overall Episode is also tied, (again I think…) between Old Tricks and A Very Bassett Wedding. The real Averys will have to settle this one, folks!!

Now we go through the comment feedback section. I was waiting until we had some substantial answers (most of the respondents chose to skip this section), and here are the responses:
Negative towards The Feud of Mason County. It was described as “random”, and “ridiculous”.
Positive responses towards a Very Bassett Wedding include that they “finally” got married, the fact that there were some “bumps in the road” with the episode, and that it overall was pretty good. However, the negative response is that Wooton and Penny had that talk that made them “get serious” and that was something the respondent “didn’t like”.
There were heavily positive responses to Old Tricks, especially the fact that Buck Oliver was in it. “I like the parts with Buck”. There were negative responses to The Key Suspect. “I hated the Morrey Rydell stuff”.

There were mixed positive and negative responses surrounding Legacy, particularly Buck and Jules. Some think they are perfect, others hate the match. There was also a positive response to Connie the Counselor. The responses weren’t very specific overall.

Well, that’s it nerds! Join us again after we get more responses, or if the real Avery Awards come out!! The suspense is rising! This is Kungfunaomi reminding you to come in and nerd out at Odysseynerds!!


“Closing news thriller music”


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