The Odyssey Times, Vol 1, Issue 11

Excerpts from the no-longer-existent feature called The Odyssey Times.

Local celebrity returns for visit after time in Hollywood

by Marigold Substance
Features Reporter

Local high school graduate turned Hollywood star Greg O’Neil will be returning for a visit next weekend.

Few Odyssey kids can forget his distinctive yet enigmatic catch phrase as Justin Nutt-“I’m gonna call the exterminator!” O’Neil starred on “The Nutt House” for all of it’s nine episodes. O’Neil, who grew up in Odyssey, endeared himself to Odyssey adults and children alike with that catch phrase and his awkward yet charming character on the short-lived sitcom.

O’Neil hasn’t worked on television drama since “The Nutt House” was cancelled more than two years ago, but he has done commercials for several local outlets, including a pest control company in Idaho. Erin Starling, O’Neil’s agent, said the actor would be auditioning for the upcoming Novacom reality show Real Crimes, which shows reenactments of felonies from the perspective of innocent bystanders.

O’Neil himself couldn’t be reached for comment. However, Connie Kendall, one of his fellow graduates, announced that O’Neil would be stopping in at Whit’s End for anyone who wanted to chat with him or get an autograph.


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