Review of the Odyssey Bible Preview

OK. So, I’m not going to go dissing on the Bible, I mean really. However, I’m reformed theology, so I CAN HOLD THEIR EXPOSITION OF THE WORD OF GOD TO A HIGH STANDARD.

So on the very first page we get an exposition by Eugene.


See, now Eugene’s pretty smart. Smart enough to know that the verses “will need to be put into context”. OK, OK. The Beatitudes thing isn’t the biggest thing in Matthew but I’ll roll with it. Really, Matthew makes extensive use of the references that Jesus is the fulfillment of prophecy in Scripture. But OK, you know, I haven’t found anything contradictory to the Bible yet, and I hope I won’t… I’m just skeptical because there’s an Adventures in Odyssey nameplate on this Bible and I have found that AIO, while not contradicting the Bible, tends to get very sketchy and charismatic on matters such as miracles. (BTW if any of you disagree, fine. I’m not about to conduct a comment wars argument, so don’t try to start a fight. Go listen to this Johnny Mac sermon:

Anyway, so back to this. Wooton.PNGYES I approve, I was hoping they would at least make some reference to the fulfilled Scripture.

plug.PNG Ohhhh shameless plug right there. Let’s get John MacArthur to do a new sermon: Is it Lawful to Advertise in Scriptural Exposition? (Jk. It’s not actually that bad and it’s super small).

We get another Wooton thing about how myrrh comes from a tree and could be used for medicine, and frankincense could be used to aid digestion or for skin care. While interesting, I note they failed to tell us what gold is for.


There’s another shameless plug on the next page, and then we get a Wooton’s Fun Fact.

wooton2Oh my gosh that’s so grosssss!!! Ew! And they give us this while they fail to be expositional on anything else. But hey, what do I expect, it’s an Armenian exposition. You know what, I want to know who was making this.


So Whit’s wisdom really confused me for a second, because I was thinking Matthew as in Matthew the Disciple. So I read “Matthew was playing a portable video game” and I’m like, what the heck that is heresy to the extreme! Ohhh, Matthew Parker. Well he is heresy wherever he goes (not really).
So this proves that Whit is like, still in the 2000s. Who on earth says portable video game?? It even makes you sound old to say “playing his Nintendo.” Of course, copyright issues and all that, but just say smartphone, it makes you sound with the times.

And then we get a “Candid Conversations with Connie” about more of the basic things that Jesus said. In fact, I just go through the last few pages of the preview and all their exposition is on very basic things. Basically the Beatitudes and the house built on the Rock. While I certainly believe in those things… do these explanations offer nothing more? Of course, the Scripture is sufficient and therefore we don’t have to add anything to it. I’m reviewing what they are tacking on to it, since they insist on tacking on this Odyssey stuff. These guys aren’t no Johnny Mac, in fact they aren’t really anyone. These are non-denominational expositions.

So, in the end, I’m not really impressed. I’m 15, its little expositions just have basics to offer me. It’s basic, but I didn’t actually find any contradictions to the Bible in it (which is good). It certainly follows the Odyssey genre, but if I had kids, I’d hand them a Reformation Study Bible and a copy of the Westminster Catechism, study that with them, and then maybe let them read the Odyssey Bible in their free time. Whatever denomination you are, I’m sure you get that the Odyssey Bible isn’t really going to support it or de-support it. Now it all just comes down to what the actual Scripture says, which regardless if you get the Odyssey Bible, the Reformation Study Bible, or the KJV, Scripture still stands. 






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