The Odyssey Scoop

Excerpts from the no-longer-existent Clubhouse Magazine site feature, the Odyssey Scoop. Categorized under “The Odyssey Times”.

Toying Around For a Good Cause
Bernard Walton will be coordinating the stuffed toy drive for area hospitals this weekend. Stuffed animals will be collected at Whit’s End and delivered to pediatric wards across the state. Walton is hoping to give away more than a thousand toys.“Last year we only got 999 and it pretty much drove me crazy,” said Walton, who also chaired last year’s drive.

Walton was inspired to start the toy drive because he received a toy when he was hospitalized with an appendicitis as a child.

“The little stuffed pelican someone gave me became my best friend,” Walton said. “I still sleep with it sometimes when I get a paper cut or a blister. But don’t put that in the newspaper.” Oops.

Walton’s favorite part of the event is delivering the toys. Connie Kendall helps with delivery.

“There’s no better feeling than spreading joy to kids who are hurting,” Kendall said. “Giving them a little something to brighten their day makes all the work worth it.”

Test your knowledge by answering these questions.

Knows the Show: How many children did Whit have?
Whit’s End Wonder:What beverage did Wooton Bassett make in “A Wooton Christmas”?
Eu-genius: What was Jason’s secret agent number?

Answers: Whit had three children. Wooton made peppermint lemonade. Jason’s secret agent number was 1131.


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