The Odyssey Times, Vol 1, Issue 11

Excerpts from the no-longer-existent feature called The Odyssey Times.

Mandy Straussberg breaks miniature golf record

A re-print of an article from The Odyssey Owl
by Sarah Prachett

Blinky’s Miniature Golf Emporium has always been a huge challenge for everyone who goes there to try their putter at the highly competitive sport of “putt-putt golf.” Mandy Straussberg recently earned a score of 37 on the course, shattering all previous records for golfers age 12 and under. She was awarded the “golden putter” for her skill.

Mandy said that her golfing wasn’t anything special. “I didn’t practice up or anything. I’ve never really done that well. I must have just gotten lucky.”

A final score of 37 means that Mandy only averaged about two strokes on each hole. Her only major “goof” was getting a four on the tunnel hole. “I wasn’t sure which tunnel came out on the green. I had to get a lot of hole in ones to make up for that,” said Mandy.

Bart Rathbone, a previous record-holder, said that the course was much harder when he golfed. “Take hole 12, for example,” he said. “Thirty years ago, they had it so you practically had to stand on your hands to make the perfect putt. Now it’s a piece of cheese.”

Mandy broke Alex Jefferson’s record of 38, set the day before. Mandy said she hasn’t been asked to sign any autographs yet, but she has her pen ready if anyone comes along.


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