Album 63 more spoilers

Hey nerds! I am very spoiler-friendly so don’t read this unless you want spoilers

Don’t read it.

Last call.

OK. Here’s some spoilers that you can hear for yourself if you listen to the Album 63 30 second previews on Amazon.

Spoiler 1: In “To Find A Penny”, Wooton gets to sing with the Pool Boys. Hooray for him! Album 63’s bonus features will include the full song called “I’m in the Deep End Over You”.

Spoiler 2: In “Friend or Foe”, Jules is being her “bad girl” self wanting to go to a concert in a skimpy outfit. Connie won’t let her.

Spoiler 3: In “Have a Heart”, Dion is coming back, and Buddy and Zoe are freaked out about it. Katrina is decorating his locker with a “welcome back” sign. Not only that, but based on’s info, this episode is based on the true story of a heart transplant. Putting two and two together, Dion is coming back after having a heart transplant. 

Spoiler 4: Connie will be hosting B-TV: Revenge.

Spoiler 5: There will be an extra sketch included in the bonus features called “Roman AD Agency”.

Spoiler 6: In “Crash Course”, Eugene is apologizing to Buck about the failed attempt at a birthday party, they had to stay inside and play games due to the bad weather.


DANG that’s a lot of spoilers, guys! It’s feeding my serious, serious, serious need to hear this album. The first episode comes out July 13th, guys, be ready for it! This is Kungfunaomi reminding you to come in and nerd out at Odysseynerds!



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