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Excerpts from the no-longer-existent Clubhouse Magazine site feature called The Odyssey Scoop. Categorized under The Odyssey Times.

Odyssey Prepares for Christmas
by Nathan Hoobler

As Christmas approaches, Odyssey residents are welcoming the holiday season by organizing special events.

Whit’s End will be hosting several holiday activities. The first is a Christmas party and gift exchange slated for Monday at noon. The party is the end of a “Secret Friend” event organized by owner, John Avery Whittaker.

“Everyone who participated was given the name of a person to provide a gift for,” Whit said. “An important part of Christmas is giving, because that’s really how it began—with God giving His Son Jesus to us.”

The second event at Whit’s End will be the Downhill Derby. Children of all ages can enter cars to race. First and second place prizes will be awarded, as well as a prize for the most original car design.

Regulations are posted on the bulletin board at Whit’s End. Last year’s winner, Mandy Straussberg won’t be participating this year because she will be out of town. Rodney Rathbone has already vowed that he will take her place.

Another highly anticipated holiday highlight is the annual All-City Christmas Decorating Contest, sponsored by the Odyssey Parks and Recreation Committee. The committee judges the holiday displays in each neighborhood. Prizes are awarded to the best overall neighborhood and most original individual yard design. Pekinese Street is the favorite because those residents have won the past three years. But Sycamore Street is rumored to be putting up a challenge this year.

Test your knowledge by answering these questions.

Knows the Show: What happened to the Barclay family while they were performing a live Christmas show on Kids’ Radio?
Whit’s End Wonder: Who were the first people to take a Christmas adventure in the Imagination Station?
Eu-genius: Who opposed the live nativity when it was set up at city hall?

Answers: During Jimmy Barclay’s live Christmas show, Mary Barclay went into labor. Connie and Eugene took the first Christmas adventure in “Back to Bethlehem.” Bart Rathbone didn’t want a live nativity at city hall.


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