Review of AIOC Season 1 Soundtrack

Because I’m running out of articles real fast here so we have to keep you guys entertained! Actually it’s a matter of keeping myself entertained so here we go- because I love John Campbell’s music.

The Launch, Part 1: OK, I know I’ve been complaining about the flute lately, but it was really cool and really appropriate in this particular track. The whole thing had a Star Wars/ jungle feel about it that caught my attention and made me listen to it again. In the first half it was lighthearted and reminded me of Super Mario Sunshine, which also caught my attention because I’m a Mario nerd as well.

The Launch, Part 2: I can tell those children are synth. I can way tell. However, later into the track, the music gets more catchy and the synth children are actually a really nice compliment to the tune. It gets more lighthearted and adds some jungle drums and neat rattles.

In A Kingdom Far Away: Again, the flute is good here. In the sad section I really enjoy the harp, and in the happy sections the fun piano voice is where it’s at. However, I wish this track had included the credits sequence from the episode, because my favorite part from the score in the episode is when John Campbell is singing. It would’ve made a great ending to the compilation track.

Drake The Cosmic Copper: It’s the Twilife Zooonnnnneeeee. Other than that, the track was actually kind of normal, something Wooton would denounce in a moment. Or should I say Woots?

Mission Unaccomplished, Part 1: The opening is very unique, we have had a lot of jungle scores and episodes throughout the AIOC, but this one uses a unique set of instruments to accomplish the goal. The action scenes are intense and well done. Short, impressive, the calmer, sad scenes are more of the trend that follow’s John Campbell’s music. Good stuff.

Mission Unaccomplished, Part 2: A much slower pace, something of which is a trend, and I was not particularly moved by it. A ton of flute. However, beginning in the last minute of the track, we get yet again this interesting use of drums that create the same exotic feel, yet different in the way of John Campbell’s usual approach. I love the ending.

Like A Good Neighbor: The music in the beginning instantly brings Red Hollard to mind. Probably because of the use of the trumpet. And then the bad guy music oh no! That particular set is very classic to Odyssey. It was actually pretty standard Odyssey music the whole way through.

The Lone Lawman: I can’t express how much I LOVE THIS SOUNDTRACK. I actually asked Focus for the entire 30 minute score and they gave it to me, I used it in a home movie contest and won best script, best actress, and best supporting actress. The hilarious thing is that we were doing a Lone Ranger spoof so everyone in it is girls. Anyway, I’m biased because this holds good memories for me, but when I was looking for the soundtrack after I had finished the filming part of it, I listened to this track and went THAT’S IT!!! So yeah I just love the Odyssian parodies of the William Tell Overture. Great stuff.

30 Jays Hath September: Let’s remember that I know nothing about writing music, so someone tell me to shut up, but what is piano doing here?? Nothing about piano reminds me of Jay. That aside, it’s a pretty lighthearted score. The compilation was short and there was nothing that really stood out.

The Perfect Gift: Something that stands out to me about this score, is instead of doing the tinkly snowflake music, John did a standard score and sprinkled “Joy to the World” all throughout it. I like it. No stinking snowflakes. It was done well. Not that I mind any snowflakes, it just seems pretty standard and easy to do but this was different and I like it. The snowflake music tends to suffocate a lot of the things. This didn’t, in its simplicity I think it’s one of the cooler tracks I’ve heard.

The Dropbox: The introduction is really quiet. Really quiet. In fact, this whole score is just incredibly empty. I’m more the type of person who likes the way epic stuff. At about 1:45 we get a change of pace into some casual Asian music. Very casual, empty. Probably fitting considering the episode’s content.

All By Myself: That intro was so incredibly random, and then we launch into another really incredibly random sounding sequence. It sounds like an Asian adventure? Considering the content of the episode, I don’t really know where this fits in… And then soft piano. Aha, here is “The Twelve Days of Christmas” mingled in. Thank you John, not just snowflakes again.
I suspect that the track wasn’t compiled that well. Nonetheless, the rest of the track with its Christmas themed music fits and is more what I was expecting. Ahh, snowflakes and bells, and the end, in a grand sort of way. Somehow, you have to have the snowflakes in there at some point. Just with taste, which John does.


So, that’s it, the last in a series of reviews. Now I have to find something else to talk about. But with Album 63 right around the corner, I won’t have to look far.

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