Odysseynerds Stats

Hey, nerds! We hit our 5,000th view! Five thousand! So, in celebration, I thought I’d release our stats so far, because I am a nerd and I want to show you. So there!

So, we have 5,126 views (yeah, ok, I was a little slow to see that we have over 5,000). This does NOT include the people who are reading the blog in their WordPress reader or in their email, and NOT counting anyone who is on staff here. This is the count on the actual site.
The visitors count is a bit different, 1,514. That basically means that every person who came to the blog looked at five different posts.

Odysseynerds has been up and running since November 30th, 2016. We get an average of about 25 visitors and 30 views or so per day, although it can fluctuate heavily.



The most popular post on Odysseynerds is the Top 5 Scariest AIO Episodes, written by none other than Luke! Then in second place is my review of Album 62.

As you can see, 666 of the views came from Google Search, which proves my theory that Google is the devil. The most searched term was surprisingly variants of, “who dies in Legacy, Part 1”. Just proof that people like a spoiler-friendly site.

Actually, the most searched term we can’t see, because Google has chosen to keep that private for some reason. Probably because we haven’t paid for it.


Our spam comment stats are actually quite impressive. Of 562 spam comments, 560 of them were automatically blocked and deleted. The other two slipped through and I had to manually delete them myself.

We have had 246 real comments.

Our total post count is 248, soon to be 249. We have 63 scheduled posts and counting. 15 drafts of unfinished stuff or stuff that probably won’t be going onto the site. We also manage to average about 3 posts a day. We’ve been running for 7 months and 12 days, and don’t intend to die anytime soon.


Well, that was the stats! This is Kungfunaomi reminding you to come in and nerd out at Odysseynerds!


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