Album 63 more spoilers!

Hey nerds! As you know, all the episodes in Album 63 came out by accident, so I am just going to go through and put some spoilers from the episode summaries and stuff, since I’m on a short trip and won’t get home until tonight.

Ok so there’s not a ton of them I have for you.


OK seriously. Don’t want spoilers? Don’t read.


Last call!


OK. In “Crash Course”, Buck does indeed teach Jules how to drive, after “Connie’s driving lessons leave fingernail marks on the dashboard”.
In “Have A Heart”, Jules attempts to make her life in Los Angeles all over again, by befriending Valerie Swanson.
In “To Find A Penny”, and on the cover of Album 63, Wooton is skydiving in Nicaragua.

Yeah that’s not a ton of spoilers there, but I will release more spoilers as I listen to the episodes in the AIOC, for all those who don’t have the AIOC. And as always, you can look forward to the review of To Find A Penny, Part 1 this weekend (unless a freak accident happens).

This is Kungfunaomi reminding you to come in and nerd out at Odysseynerds!

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