Album 63 major spoiler-ish news

Hey nerds! This next thing is kind of a spoiler but not really, because I am going to tell you what NOT to expect from Album 63, something that we were TOLD to expect but it is NOT IN THERE. OK? So you have three lines until I am going to tell you.




OK. My buddy Luke listened to Album 63, the whole thing. Remember that bit about “A case is solved… only after Matthew and Emily’s friendship is threatened.” Remember that? Yes? It’s not in there. Zilch, nada. We thought it would be the episode “Friend or Foe” and nooooo… Friend or Foe has nothing to do with Matthew and Emily. None of the episodes do. So… yeah. I guess we might be looking forward to that in Album 64, unless maybe the episode was scrapped at the last minute or moved to the Odyssey Adventure Club. Who knows? Anyway, that’s what to not expect. Don’t expect it.


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