Review of To Find A Penny, Part 1

Warning. Contains massive and major spoilers, and is a “gut reaction review”, meaning I literally just now got done listening to it.

Uhhhhh… k. Not sure what to think of this episode. I went in to this expecting a ridiculous Wooton and Penny adventure. What I get is… something along those lines but with Novacom mixed in??

OK so it starts out at Whit’s End, Wooton rushes in, I LOST MY MEMORY. Ok. Firstoff, this beginning scene sounded a little too forced, like all the actors had fake smiles on or something. I don’t know what was up with that, it wasn’t super smooth.
OK. Then they take Wooton to the hospital. He’s fine, and then they are like, we have postcards from Penny, though. I saw this setup way too easy. “Oh, we have postcards from Penny as she traveled around the world.” They are gonna use those to figure out where they went, right? Sure enough. They start in Paris, they end in the Buffalo airport, all these postcards are gonna make Wooton remember little scenes and we are gonna have a two-part episode full of little snippets of the honeymoon followed by a little mystery in which they try to find Penny. Great setup, right? I thought, well, it’s not exactly my preferred kind of episode but hey, for what it is, it’s a good way to go. Then Kathy doesn’t have to deal with most of it while still keeping the best scenes intact. Actually, now that I’m typing it out, it’s pretty ingenious actually. Because then the whole episode is like a post card, and you can get in on the good stuff, and then back out for all the scenes of airports, transit, waiting, boring stuff like that.

Ok where was I going with this… oh, yeah. So we get the first scene on the plane, on the way to Paris. This lady who sounds suspiciously like Mrs. Kramer is sitting next to Wooton and Penny, but here’s the strange part. Wooton and Penny are acting like a couple of toddlers, in a way, and the old lady kind of has them play the “quiet game”, in a way. Now, I sympathize with the old lady. But I get the impression that I’m not supposed to. Wooton and Penny are explosive on their own, and nuclear when they get together, so that scene was a bit much.

In France they have this bellboy dude Pablo who is showing them around and stuff, I guess.

Wooton sings with the Pool boys… nice to see a reference to them. Again, as a sympathizer with the bystanders in the crowd, I would be like “oh, gosh, a crazy man with a terrible voice is singing up there.” However, sympathizing with Wooton, I was hearing that excitement and smiling because of it. My point is, for most of these there is a flipside that turns against Wooton and Penny in some way because if someone were that crazy in real life I probably would not associate with them. Not to say I don’t like Wooton, or Penny. I’m just pointing out some things about their character that I like and yet dislike. I mean- okay you can skip the end of this paragraph if you don’t want a little more of a rant- most Odyssey characters I would probably be friends with for one reason or another, right, because they are relatable. Both Eugene, Connie, and Jules learning to drive, right? I just got my permit yesterday, passing the written test. But what’s strange to me is these two characters, especially Wooton, who can be so capable and yet so strangely innocent at the same time. You know, there’s this joke in one of the episodes where Wooton says “Oh, I’ve had the talk about the birds and the bees, Connie… no really, I haven’t, go ahead.” And that sounds super strange coming from an adult. And then here he goes getting married, and planning a trip around the world for his honeymoon. Where does this stuff come from?? So, I don’t know, on multiple counts Wooton is not really relatable, he’s more of a kid’s comic relief character. Penny, on the other hand, seems to not be so naïve in many regards but then walks around doing really stupid things sometimes. I don’t mean silly like Wooton, which is the way the writers may have intended it, I mean stupid. And I want to be wrong or have someone challenge me on that because this is a gut reaction review, but I’m just typing out my train of thought at the moment. It may change. And you know, I can’t say so much for Penny, but the innocence is what makes Wooton such a unique character. I’m not saying they should change Wooton, but… yeah you get the picture. I have a tough time listening to him and Penny sometimes, other times I’m like yeah that’s awesome.

And speaking of awesome, the skydiving scene was amazing. Especially the sound design, the sound design made that scene. Made it. Especially the high wind noise from the camera, yep, everybody has had that.
So basically what happens is that- contrary to the cover- Wooton is anything but thrilled to be on this skydiving trip, even though he came up with the idea. Which I liked. When Wooton is anything but happy to do something, I consider it character development, because we have had an overload of things that Wooton likes to do, I’m glad to see something that he doesn’t like to do for once. He doesn’t like heights, and he doesn’t like skydiving. Penny, on the other hand, liked it, which I don’t mind because she is a more balanced out character. But this scene ended up being the opposite of what I thought it would be, which pleasantly surprised me, along with the good sound design. Best scene of the episode, good job guys. It is worthy of the front cover.

OK, so this is where something hit my face I think because I’m still processing this portion of the episode. I need to go to the hospital and hang out with Wooton- cuz- what? Dr. Graham comes back in with whatever test results from Wooton, saying that he was drugged. Not only that, but with a drug not available because it’s still being tested. Sorry guys, but Despicable Me 2 came to my mind.

My Thoughts: DESPICABLE ME 2 (2013) | The Animation Commendation

PX-41 strikes again! Oh no! What happened to Wooton?

The Random Story by Thirdy

Hahaha, ok I’m done making fun, sorry. I watched it again like three days ago so it’s still fresh in my mind.

And then they find out that Pablo doesn’t actually work at that French hotel. Dun dun dun….

OK so then they all step out because Wooton is going to get a physical. So outside the room, Jason up and decides that he is going to go find the guys that are stealing this drug. It seemed a little bit dramatic for him, the way he was like “who knows what else they can do”, but I was like, yesss. Cool. Jason isn’t sitting around being old. You’re not like Whit, yet!!

And that’s the end of Part 1. Which then begs the question: where is Penny? Yep, probably being held hostage somewhere. And she’s gonna be like she was when being held hostage by Dr. Trask. Which, hey, I could use a throwback at some point. How much you wanna bet that she’s actually at the Buffalo airport in a closet somewhere, and we didn’t actually have to take this trip through Wooton’s memory? But Wooton’s memory is the setup, so even though she’s in the Buffalo airport, we will find out why she is being held hostage in the Buffalo airport. Thus incentive to listen to the episodes, because Kathy seems to have known that we would be bored quickly, and she has remedied that. So, yay! Which explains why this was a two-parter because I was going are you kidding me!? But no they aren’t dragging out the honeymoon, which was my fear, they are weaving an interesting web.

So, can’t wait for part 2. Here are the ratings and averages:

Acting: 7.5, the first scene was a little rocky, especially coming from seasoned actors.
Plot: 8.5, interesting, however a little sudden with the mystery. Brilliant postcard and YouTube videos setup. I don’t mind reading postcards and watching Penny’s YouTube.
Sound Design: A solid 9. Good stuff. Especially the skydiving.
Music: 7.0. I didn’t really hear any of it, or notice it, which is good because I notice when I don’t like it, and I notice when I really like it.
Overall rating: A solid 8. Will listen to it again, wasn’t painful, kept out the boring-ness like a good episode should. It had Wooton in Penny in a mostly nice way, not a in-your-face kind of way like we sometimes get.

So basically I didn’t know what to think when I started typing this, now I’m like BRING IT ON.

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2 thoughts on “Review of To Find A Penny, Part 1

  1. Nice review friend! You said a lot of what I would have said if I ever had time to update my website. Haha. I actually still might release a review, but it’ll probably focus more on the characters than the plot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I was nervous about saying all that and was considering going back and taking it off, but it is nice to know that someone else has the same general idea.


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