GitS update

Hey nerds! In a surprising… move, it turns out that you actually have to pay to watch the Get in the Show finale live. Which doesn’t cost much, only four bucks if you want to see the four-hour live show, but… yeah. OK. If I could guess, it’s probably because it costs a lot of money to put this thing on so they have to charge for it. You can take a look at how much it costs at this link:

Also, if you go get your tickets to actually attend the show there in Colorado Springs, you can get Album 63 for free, along with “three classic episodes” and the Get in the Show song. They say on the description thingy, “You’ll be among the first to hear the “Friend or Foe” episode from the new, soon to be released Up in the Air album”, yeah among the first. Anyways, you can buy those tickets if you want to right here:



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