Review of Find A Penny, Part 2

Warning. This is a “gut reaction” review, meaning I listened to the episode literally like three minutes ago. Contains spoilers, click “Continue Reading” to continue.

Read part 1 of the review here:

Ohhhhhh gosh. I’m just sitting here shaking my head. Man. What… yeah. So corny. So corny. Totally turned out like my fanfictions.


I’m sitting here tapping on the keys, I don’t actually want to write. Man. I guess we’ll start at the beginning here.

OK so recap. Wooton was drugged. There were some good lines in the beginning I don’t remember what they were. I think I will have to go back and listen to this again to get a decent review. Man, the ending just like… man. Gotta get through this though so I’m gonna cheat and read the beginning part on AIOWiki to jog my memory.

OK that’s right. So Jason is grilling Wooton about what went on, checks the security video, oh look Wooton was drugged by a cupcake. Jeez. Red flag number one, Wooton falls for something like a cupcake. See, just when I think that Wooton is kind of responsible, man. A freaking cupcake? But hey, it’s Wooton. It doesn’t make me like him less. But seriously. A cupcake.

So then they get a message from Frank and Eleanor, about how proud they are that Wooton saved this kid, right. At Niagra falls. So here comes the best line of the episode. “Aw, that was really sweet of them, what great in-laws. Well, until they disown me for losing their daughter.” Man, I was just sitting there in STITCHES! I’m grinning just thinking about it. Haha, that was just good. Just great. But so then they look up the news story on YouTube and see that Wooton saved this kid who fell off this balcony at the hotel. Yay, Wooton! And then the father says “anything he can do”, and he owns a helicopter company, and I immediately thought of Cars when Mater rides in the helicopter, and knew at some point we were going to get that or something similar.

So then this agent shows up and says that Wooton has been drugged by the Victmizers. Awwwww gosh. I just started laughing. What. A cheesy. Name. Man, I’m convinced that names were just being made up. The drug sounds cheesy enough, and then you have the Victmizers! Oooooh, scary.
And then Agent Dude tells them that there’s this rare penny that the Victmizers stole, and I’m just sitting there in pieces. This is hilarious! Not only that, but now the entire episode is literally finding a Penny. Gosh, you guys, give the names a rest. Phil made the mistake with “Riley’s Farm”, now Kathy is making the mistake with pennies. It makes it SO CHEESY. Ugghhhhhhhhhhhhh… I like think this episode is funny and hate it at the same time for being so bad. Man. And then we find out that Penny has the penny. In her hat. And everyone is after her because she has it. And she has it because when the other bad guys were searched they didn’t have it, so they put it on her, but now they want it back. And all the bellboys are evil. Man, AIO is just staining the names of certain professions! First professors and now bellboys.

All right, now I have to admit this is where I get impressed with the brilliance on Kathy’s part. It started when the penny is passed off in the hat. OK, didn’t see that one coming. Next we find out that where Penny is starts with a Y because Wooton was taking her to places to spell Penny. That was good, never figured that one out. Actually pretty impressive thinking there. So here we go, Youngstown, Ohio. And there’s some super convoluted logic on Wooton’s part about some super hero that he and Penny are fans of and I won’t try to repeat it (because it is utterly impossible to quote off the top of my head). But basically he remembers the hotel because of A, B, C, and D. So off goes Jason and Agent Dude with the cool voice, and Whit who kind of is getting back in on the action but he seems like way too ancient now.

Da na… ride in the taxi, Whit and Jason. Now there’s a brilliant idea. Saw the bad guy one coming. Way too predictable, and Odyssey has now and forevermore scarred me for life. Bad guy in the taxi! Pull a gun! You’re rusty, Jason! He seriously says that. Man. I’m not even a spy and I saw that one coming. Aren’t you even a little bit cliché, Jason, not to see it? Now that would have been interesting, if he realized it and then we get something original out of it. Oh, well.

Whit and Jason are bait, Penny falls for it, here comes Wooton in a helicopter. Need I say more? Really.

So then to finish me off, and bring me back to when I say that Penny has done some stupid things in her day, she thinks this whole thing was a game. Oh yeah, I’m not kidding. This was like the death stroke to me. I’m gonna die now. Yep. Guns, everything, a game. However, the redeeming stroke was that THEN she flips out and it’s pretty funny. It’s like, all right. Fine. Be that way, at least the freakout is funny.

Yep, that’s pretty much the end. First off, I didn’t think these guys would be much of a threat in the first place, and then you add a million dollar penny, and some characters like Penny that really should never be main characters, and you get something like this episode. Wooton and Penny are good supporting characters, it’s way too much when you stick Wooton in a helicopter and have him come save the day. Although the Other Side of the Glass was something like this (you remember that episode, I’m sure), Wooton was less of a fanatic and more of a funny person. But I won’t complain about him too much. Penny on the other hand was in this episode totally ignorant as always, and I think it was too much to expect that she would get serious for once. Nope. Wooton I can deal, Penny not so much.

All I can say is that my fanfiction would be something along these lines because this is about as brilliant as I get, just instead of solving my problems I just blow things up in the story. This episode is still more brilliant than I would ever do, but for an Odyssey episode? Doesn’t meet the bar this time, sorry guys.

All right, here are the ratings and averages.

Acting: 8.5, definitely better than the last episode, and the guy they got for Agent Dude was actually really good, especially for being a one-shot character.
Plot: 7.0, yep, we won’t rehash this again.
Sound design: Another solid 9. Helicopters, Niagara Falls, driving cars? I actually noticed how good it was throughout the episode, good job.
Music: 8.0. New stuff I haven’t heard before, and of course that classic news theme for the one scene!
Overall rating: 7.8. There was good, there was bad, and there was the cheesy. I probably won’t ever make peace with this episode, probably will listen to it again out of a morbid curiosity then decide I like it. But not for now. For now, the first impression is the most important and the first impression wasn’t that great. There were some brilliant things, like the penny actually being in the yellow hat, and the trip being Penny’s name. But it was confined to an episode that had too many predictable and cliché and straight up cheesy ideas. So, again, good and bad.

Send in your reviews, no matter how short or long! I want to hear from you!

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