More News: 2018 AIOC Season

Hey nerds! As it turns out (via the Adventures in Odyssey Club), this direct spoiler-type news will be continuing for the next two days as the 2018 season of the AIOC is recorded. So! Here’s more spoilers via Adventures in Odyssey Facebook.

Firstoff. Related to the now very intriguing episode “Failing to the Finish Line”, Eugene will have a “nerdy intern, Horus”, who will be played by Adam McArthur. They have mentioned that they would like to have Horus appear in episodes “down the road”. Here’s a picture of McArthur in the recording studio.
If you want to hear his voice, he plays Marco Diaz on a Disney XD show called “Star Vs. The Forces of Evil”, and I found a clip at this link: He definitely sounds like the nerdy intern.


Nelson Swanson will also be returning to AIO in “Failing to the Finish Line”, played by Georgie Kidder, just as he always is.

Moving on! Drake the Cosmic Copper returns in an AIOC episode called “Drake and the Time That Time Forgot”. It was written by Bob Hoose, Townsend Coleman returns as Drake, Jess Harnell returns as Woots, and here is a picture of the script:

Christina Pucelli makes her debut into Drake’s world as a person going on a covert operation. You can watch the clip of her, Townsend, and Jess at this link:


That’s all for now, nerds! I will keep you updated, and at the end of two days I will give you the complete roundup of what we know. And of course, again, go to the AIO Facebook page for more photos!



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