Notice! Dangerous Virus!


A Dangerous Virus is going around! Its called the Odyssey Virus! It has started to effect thousands and is extremely dangerous! Here are a five ways to know if you have the Odyssey Virus!



Numerous people with the Odyssey Virus have reported that they can not stop listening to the famous audio drama, Adventures In Odyssey. They have tried numerous ways to stop but each time they find themselves always listening to it. One man tried dropping his phone in the toilet to stop but later unknowingly found himself in his elderly neighbor’s house using his phone which was followed by his neighbor smacking him with a news paper. Another woman reported that when she tried stopping she became weak and couldn’t walk of lift anything. Yet when she gave in and started listening she regained all of her strength.



Patients with the Odyssey Virus have reported that they can’t stop quoting the audio drama, Adventures In Odyssey. One man reported quote “This virus has more loop holes than a spaghetti strainer! Ahh! I did it again!”. We asked another man if he was affected by this stage yet and he said quote, “Quite simple really. Novacom plans to enslave the human race. Would you like a muffin? Wait! Did I do it again! Ah man! Come on! I thought I was over that?!”. We tried to ask a woman but she couldn’t hear us over the Adventures In Odyssey tapes she was blasting through her headphones. This isn’t the worst of the symptoms.


3. You Lose The Ability To Recognize People Who Aren’t In AIO.

This stage is defiantly one of the most heart breaking. Kids and sometimes parents can’t recognize each other anymore. Sometimes they just associate people with AIO characters. One kid was reported to call his dad “David”, his mom “Ava”, and his sister “Olivia”. He was also reported to be constantly asking quote “Where is Camilla”. Another victim kept calling an elderly man at his church “Whit”.  Another small girl kept calling her friends “Tamika”, “Mandy”, and” Lucy” when their names where actually “Evelyn”, “Grace”, and “Diane”.


4. Patients Act As Though They Are An AIO Character.

The fourth stage is one of the most strange and weird. A family reported that their 16 year old son kept trying to leave the house with a mail bag saying quote, “I need to start my mail route!”. They reported that he also tried slamming on a metal bowl with a spoon to announce breakfast. They reported that he said quote “I need to announce breakfast with the closest thing to a breakfast gong!”.


5. Patients are known to only be able to talk about AIO.

Patients only have the ability to talk about AIO and nothing else. In a video a concerned mom posted on her Instagram Story it shows the mother talking to her daughter. The conversation went like this,

Mother: “So honey did you sleep good?”

Daughter: “Have you noticed that Connie ages very slowly?”

Mother: “What do you want for breakfast?”

Daughter: “Wooton is probably my favorite character!”

The video ended there after the mother broke into tears and asked for more followers saying that it would help her emotionally.


If you suspect that you obtaining this virus, go to this totally real website for some help! It is the If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can email them to us at, say something down in the comments, or you can personally fill out a contact form here. This is Luke reminding you that Odyssey Nerds is the place to nerd out!


4 thoughts on “Notice! Dangerous Virus!

  1. Dude my worse symptom is trying to not age like Connie. I’m 16! AND I WILL BE 16 FOREVER MWAHAHA
    I have my clones that I grow in pods like Connie XD XD


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