Thank you Odyssey Team


So. You know what, I think I blast Odyssey too much. I think we all do. Especially the people who are totally biased towards the old show. I mean- I won’t lie, Odyssey has its problems, but I’d like to see any one of those people get in there and write an episode. They would totally get raked over the coals- would totally get raked over the coals. We can’t make everyone happy- right- Connie just told that to Penny in A Very Bassett Wedding. So you know what, thanks to the writers for making the show even though we blast it a lot. I mean a LOT. It’s like- you know, we criticize the new show, especially, for “lacking content” and all this but what solution do you propose? We are pretty good at taking it down, but how would you handle it? Pretty much no one has an answer. And then the solutions that some people say would work, I go “Uhhhh, no.” If Odyssey was left to us fans, number one we would never agree. Number two, everything would be pretty messed up. So I guess what I am trying to say (and I hope I’ve said it before) is that I can take your episode down and say it’s the worst one ever- but I wouldn’t be able to do any better. My solution is to blow everything up if it presents a problem. So thank you writers for doing the show even though someone is always going to hate something.

And you know what- thanks to the actors too. I go blasting them as well. Not as much as the writers- but I do. The extent of my personal acting is a fake smile. And it’s not even that good. I’m not convincing. They are. And yet for some reason if it sounds less than professional I blast them, too. But again- can I do anything that they can do? No. Not even close. So thank you actors.

John Campbell? I don’t tend to hate on him a lot. But when I do- can I write music worth heck? No. So thanks John for being good with the music.

Sound designers? I don’t tend to blast them either- but man. Their stuff makes the episode come to life, along with the actors, writers, and John. If they weren’t around, Odyssey would not be what it is. Not even close.

Gary Locke? He gets hated on a ton, by other people. But I always ask, what are you gonna do? Draw better than him? Dude, the man is a professional caricature artist! He’s amazing at his trade! He knows values and composition- along with caricature, and he knows them well! I personally think that the album art is one of those things that some people will hate no matter who’s doing it. So thank you Gary for being the album artist in a place where it is tough to be one.

And I mean- this is totally meant to take all you fans on a guilt trip. Totally. Yes- you may have your opinion. But side that opinion with something such as- I can’t do any better. If the production was left up to us fans, some pretty wacky things would happen, and we’d still be all critical about each other’s work. So, I just blasted all you and myself for once. I just blasted Find A Penny part 2 on last week’s review- but what am I gonna do? I don’t have a solution, or a better name for the bad guys, or anything like that. But I point and laugh.
So I guess what I’m trying to say is remember your place. Opinions are fine, but remember that you’re blasting something you don’t know how the heck to do. So again- thanks Odyssey team for making the show regardless.


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