AIO Fanfiction article updated

Hey nerds! Dying for some Jason/Connie or Richard Maxwell fanfiction today? I got you covered! I have added a total of THREE, count em’, THREE resources for AIO fanfiction to the Adventures in Odyssey Fanfiction article. I am also posting them here so that you can have easy access.

  1. Danielle, AKA Benedicthiddleston. Status: Active. Rating: T (because of language in the latest one)
    Yet another obsession with Richard Maxwell. However, she is a REALLY good writer and her fanfiction about Richard dying in the hospital before Tom can forgive him is REALLY good.
  2. CandyKonall. Status: Active. Rating: E for Everyone
    She has only written one fanfiction, and it is relatively recent. Connie and Jason slight ship. Slight. Good stuff though.
  3. Mythaster. Status: Active. Rating: E for Everyone
    I hope you guys love Richard because he the fanfiction man! And here’s another one about Richard, more of a collection of one-shots really. One of them is funny and the other one is more emotional.

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