The Odyssey Scoop

Excerpts from the no-longer-existent Clubhouse Magazine site feature called The Odyssey Scoop. On this site, it’s categorized under “The Odyssey Times”.

Whit’s End Mystery Solved!
by Christopher Norfleet The new Connelsville Whit’s End had to be evacuated last week when a thick flood of soap bubbles covered the entire ground floor.

In response to the incident, John Avery Whittaker said, “I haven’t discovered the source of the bubbles yet, but I’m confident they were caused by a simple mechanical malfunction. Whit’s End should reopen as soon as we complete clean up.”

Local sleuth Harlow Doyle was visiting the new Whit’s End at the time of the bubble flood and took it upon himself to look into what he referred to as a “very suspicious” situation.

“Naturally I began my investigation by checking the scene of the crime for clues,” Detective Doyle said. His investigation turned up 17 half gallons of ice cream, four boxes of napkins, several cases of plastic spoons and two aprons. Armed with this evidence, Detective Doyle interviewed witnesses, asking if anyone had seen a person eating ice cream or wearing an apron that day. After compiling a list of 152 possible suspects, Doyle vowed “not to stop until the culprit is found and prosecuted to the full extent of the law!”

Eugene Meltsner later discovered that a leak had formed behind the extra-large dishwasher in the kitchen. This proved to be the source of the bubble flood and was quickly repaired.

Harlow Doyle said, “It always feels good to finally close a tough case like this one.”

Test your knowledge by answering these questions.

Knows the Show: The initials “CCCC” stand for what Odyssey school?
Whit’s End Wonder: What color is the button that activates the Imagination Station?
Eu-genius: What food item does Jason order in For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll?

Answers: The initials “CCCC” stand for Campbell County Community College. The button that activates the Imagination Station is red. Jason ordered a Maxi-Deluxe Burger.


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