Review of B-TV: Revenge

Warning. Contains Spoilers. Click the “Read More” button to continue.

See now, when I go in to an episode expecting it to be ridiculous, I am not disappointed when it is. That is basically the definition of B-TV. Clever and ridiculous. Good stuff, man.

Now, let’s just get something out of the way before I comment on anything else. One of the characters says, in a nutshell, ‘Don’t take revenge because it may even mess up God’s plan.’ This is the only error that I really can’t let go, because it is a theological error that needs to be addressed. Nothing, my friends, nothing is outside of the plan or will of God. Nothing is outside the power of God. However, there is the will of God manifested in His law, that is, the Bible. And then there is His sovereign will that we see after things have already happened. We have been given power to sin, and because of this, we can break God’s law, or what can be called his perceptive will. However, his sovereign will is the will that encompasses all of everything, including ourselves and the devil, and cannot be broken or altered. A good picture of this is the crucifixion of Christ. Acts 2:23 has a good verse on this, the context is that Peter is preaching his sermon at Pentecost, and he is making the case to the Jews that Jesus, who they crucified, is the Christ. “this Jesus, delivered up according to the definite plan and foreknowledge of God, you crucified and killed by the hands of lawless men.” And then he continues on to make the case that Jesus was the Christ. Notice this here. According to the definite plan and foreknowledge of God. Now, God cannot be the author or approver of sin. He can’t. It is against his holy nature. James 1:13-15, “Let no one say when he is tempted, ‘I am being tempted by God,’ for God cannot be tempted with evil and He Himself tempts no one. But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death.” Now, because of this, we know that God does not cause anyone to sin, or be tempted, or take revenge. The people who crucified Christ were not outside of God’s sovereign plan or will in any way, yet their sin was of themselves. In the same way, we are not outside of God’s sovereign plan even though we take revenge, which is violation of God’s holy law, God still has control. And perhaps Sam Suksiri meant it that way. Let’s just be clear on that.

Because of this theological note, though, it is utterly impossible that things could have happened any other way, because of God’s definite plan. While B-TV: Revenge is creative on the what if parts of the story, let’s just be aware that it cannot ever have happened because God is unchanging and He is in control.

Other than that. WHAT AN AWESOME EPISODE!!!!!!!! Man! Wow! And I really can’t give you all the details, that’s like trying to sit and explain Comic Connlesville. But a superb job by everyone involved! I love the references to Batman and the Count of Monte Cristo. Those were super fun. I love parody. I loved the way that Wooton was Edmond Dantes and Eugene was Fernand Mondego. I was hoping though that since Penny was Mercedes that they were going to make some joke about a car but I guess not.
And the “What If Zone”. I am going to let go of the theological error now since I explained it above, wow. That was so great and entertaining. Sound effects were placed well, and THE WHOLE WORLD EXPLODED! Sam, my man. You are my type of writer. Do I not keep doing this in my fanfictions? AND IT BLEW UP! Yes! I love it!
Back to the Count of Monte Cristo. You know what, I am glad that everyone involved had a pretty normal voice (for their character, I mean). It’s like, a little over-the-top to have Wooton’s voice, which is playing Woots or Friar Wootsbury, so I was a little more enthralled in the story when it was kind of just Wooton’s voice, and Eugene’s voice, and so it made it more fun for the story. Also, Katie Leigh as the foreign ambassador. Haha! I loved the accent!! Or was that Melissa Disney? You know, she was supposed to show up somewhere and I truly didn’t catch it. OH WAIT! Yes I did! The skit with the counselor for the cat and the dog! That’s right! OK there we go. And Katie Leigh was for sure the foreign ambassador then.
“You’ve just sashayed into… THE WHAT IF ZONE.” Man! Just good one-liners like that! There is so much here I can’t tell it all!

And just as a side note: the deleted Roman Ad Agency skit. “No wait, how about this! Christianity! Now gluten free!” Hurhurr I’m just grinning up a storm back here.

The weird part was Chris’s wrap. She lists off Connie, Eugene, Wooton, Penny, Wombat Man, the Puzzler, Edmond Dantes, Fernand, and Mercedes, saying thanks to them all. Uhhh… we are not under the delusion that… yeah ok whatever.

The not-so-good sketch was actually the cats and dogs one, unfortunately. The highlight was definitely the Count of Monte Cristo parody. The second highlight was Wombat Man. XD Haha what if they had done Dingbat man instead? Except it would probably offend all those Batman fans. Ohhhhhh…. anyways, let’s get to the ratings.

Acting: 9.0. Everyone plays it up for this episode like they’re supposed to.
Plot: 9.0. There wasn’t really a plot, as you know, but there’s not supposed to be. Amazing parodies.
Sound Design: 8.5. Well placed, however, the cats and dogs scene was almost lacking. Lady talking, dog woofing, cat meowing. It was really well done in the parts with the What If Zone.
Music: 8.7. Fitting of the B-TV episode!

Overall rating: 8.8. The best B-TV I have heard since Behind the Scenes. I still like Behind the Scenes better, it’s tough to beat a show with Edwin, Wooton, Bernard, and Alex Jefferson, but this show’s creativeness makes up for the lack of the classic characters, namely, Bernard. Kudos to Sam Suksiri and Erin Chapman for making this a great episode.



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