The Odyssey Scoop

Excerpts from the no-longer-existent Clubhouse Magazine site feature called The Odyssey Scoop. Categorized on our site under The Odyssey Times.

To Be Or Not To Be?
by Kathy WierengaEveryone is talking about the upcoming Independence Day Parade in Odyssey. Beginning at the fire station, the route will go around downtown Odyssey, wind through McAllister Park and end at Whit’s End. Organizers expect the largest turnout ever.

The float competition provides one of the highlights of this year’s parade. Top contenders include Eugene Meltsner, Bart Rathbone and Edwin Blackgaard.

Eugene’s float consists of three recent inventions. The first throws candy bars to the crowd, the second is an extended arm with a trash bin for the candy wrappers to be disposed in, and the third is an automatic recycling system that turns empty wrappers into chemistry textbooks.

“I’m hoping no gum is accidentally disposed of in the recycling bin, as that would result in chemistry books with affixed pages,” Eugene says.

Bart Rathbone’s entry uses a variety of electrical equipment to re-enact a battle at sea, including an amazing fireworks display. Bart wanted to remind everyone: “As a special deal, anyone who happens to get burned by the sparks will receive a 5 percent discount at the Electric Palace. Sale items excluded, of course.”

Edwin Blackgaard will be performing William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” on his float. Making this especially unique, the supporting characters will be played by local chickens. When asked what prompted the interesting casting decision, Edwin commented, “There is a severe lack of local talent.”

Test your knowledge by answering these questions.

Knows the Show: What Bible character did Bernard tell Lisa Mulligan about after her dog was hit by a car?
Whit’s End Wonder: In which branch of the military did Whit serve?
Eu-genius: What did Connie serve Whit for breakfast in “Best Intentions”?

Answers: Bernard told Lisa about Job. Whit served in the Navy. Connie served Whit toast, orange juice, fruit, yogurt and granola


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