The Caves of Quamran

Just as the lost treasure of Le Rue was hidden in the Caves of Quamran, so was the extras from the release of the video hidden from us. Here they are again! (Via this link on

Whit and Dylan

Eugene and Connie

Stanley Martin


Mr X

Not only that, but here is some concept artwork for the backgrounds:

Desert City

Cave Entrance

Cave Passage

Coin Room

Angel Chamber

And finally, here are some coloring pages from the video.

Whit Khakis

Eugene Khakis

Dylan Khakis

Connie Khakis

Stanley Torch Size Comp

Rudy Khakis

Boris Khakis

Faustus Khakis

Whit Passport

Apparently Whit was born in 1939…

Connie’s Umbrella

Map Fragments

Coin Chest

Camel Sideview


Coin Pull From Wall W/ Wire Attached


That’s all for now, folks! Thanks for stopping by!



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