Review of “The Secret of the Writer’s Ruse”

The is a “gut reaction” review and there will be spoilers. So if you are fine with spoilers click the “Read More” inorder to… well read more.

Just briefly here is the description of this episode. “After a long dry spell of cases, the Jones and Parker Detective Agency is back with what could be their biggest yet: an investigation into a manuscript that could be famous writer Mary Malloway’s long-lost final mystery”

I’m writing this review right after hearing the episodes so I have mixed feelings. So first off did I think it was a good episode? Yes! I loved this episode! I’m not with all the other AIO fans that hate the J&P Mystery episodes. I actually quite enjoy the episodes. Also people might hate me for this but Emily is ok.

Anyways so here is about what happens in this episode. Most minor details will be left out. Emily and Matthew are at when they run into Morrie. Emily finds a book on the ground by her favorite Author. She has never seen the book before though. There is some writing in it and they take it to Mr. Whittaker when suddenly- Oh no the book is gone. They also find out that the book is a lost manuscript and it was donated to the school by someone. Now she has one of Morrie’s books instead. They go around and do some investigating and find out that the author (I forgot her name so lets call her Mary) went missing for eleven days once and no one knows what happened in those days. The episode gets a bit messy with Mary having this friend and something to do with a spy. Matthew talks to Eugene and the Library and Eugene supplies him with some info on her. Turns out that Mary’s friend (who was a spy) had a daughter that lived in Odyssey. They talk to Whit and he says that he worked with her when he was a teacher. They go and visit her and she says she has a photo album from her with pictures inside. There is no writing just a title “The photos have meanings behind them”. They decide to look beyond the photos and find writing and she is like “Oh wow. I never would have found that!” It’s this whole mess with the daughter turning out to be adopted because her mother left her at this hotel cause her mother was a spy. After they read all of it she says “Well wasn’t that a satisfying mystery!” Very suspicious. The kids don’t take it and they reveal that there is no manuscript at all and its fake. Mr. Whittaker walks into the room and says he helped set it up. Then she says there is another person and Eugene walks in and he admits he helped. Then she calls out no other than Morrie. Apparently the J&P was in a rut and had no mysteries and he felt sorry so he got everyone’s help and made the thing up. They talk about it then the scene ends. The next scene is Morrie on his laptop saying stuff like: “They took it” “They solved it faster than I expected” and other things like that. Then it goes into Mr. Whittaker praying. He says that Morrie said he wanted to make them happy but it didn’t seem like that. He didn’t trust Morrie and God is the keeper of all secrets. Writing all of that now it seems like a cheesy episode. Me summing it up may have botched it up a bit.


Anyways as for the episode what did I like about it?Well first off I quite enjoy the mix of Matthew and Emily narrating. Yes it does break the fourth wall a bit. Makes you wonder but still it helps the episodes move along. It shows the feeling of the characters. I also enjoyed hearing Mori (or is it Morrie or Mory? More-e?). I enjoy the actors voice. He makes a good mischievous character. He isn’t like Blackgaard or Rodney. When you hear them you immediately label them as bad guy. But Morrie is different. Honestly I quite enjoy his character. What I also liked about this episode was the two last scenes with Morrie writing and Mr. Whittaker praying. I was grinning ear to ear.

As the episode went on I first thought it was getting a bit cheesy. The secrets just kept being pumped out. But the whole mystery was made up so that was better. Also when the old lady was like “Oh there is writing on the back! I would have never guessed!” Then later when she was like “That was a satisfying mystery!” I was like “Ok the acting is getting real bad!” Turns out the actor was being someone acting bad so good job on acting acting bad?

So now as for things I didn’t like in this episode there wasn’t very much? Oh I was really disappointed that the whole mystery was fake but those two last scenes made the whole episode way better! Honestly I just really enjoyed this episode!


Final Rating:

Acting: I thought it was ok. I’m not the best on knowing that though so my un-expert opinion would give it a 7.

Plot: The pro was ok I guess. It was a bit unsatisfying but ok. I give it a 7.5.

Music: I particularly enjoyed the scores for this. Any mystery music is always the same but John Campbell knows how to mix it up. I loved the bass parts! I give the music a solid 9.


My final rating is a 7.8


Ok I just went over and read Naomi’s review and are opinions are pretty different!


Questions? Comments? Review of your own? Completely disagree? I WANT TO KNOW. Your opinion matters just as much as mine! Drop me a line in the comments or on the contact page! You can submit your review there (doesn’t have to be long). This is Luke reminding you that Odyssey Nerds is the place to nerd out!

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