Review of “The Secret of the Writer’s Ruse”

Warning. Contains spoilers, and is a “gut reaction review”. Click “Read more” to continue.

My level of aggravation is very high. I spent two albums waiting for the next installment of Morrey vs. Emily, and this episode got pretty much nowhere with that.

You might be like, “Wait, Naomi! What about that ending scene with Morrey on the computer, and Whit praying that he can figure out what’s going on?” That’s exactly what I’m talking about. I was hoping for some answers. All I have is more questions. That scene sure sounded sinister enough, but there was nothing actually going on. What are they waiting for? I think I’ve said to multiple people that with every passing album I’m losing interest in this arc. This episode was almost like the Odyssey Team saying “no, wait! Really! Come back, we really are going to do something cool at some point!”

And you know, sometimes I feel bad about saying stuff like this, because they are real people who have real jobs… and who take my money to make episodes like this… ya know, they’ve gotta watch it because maybe I will just stop giving them my money one day. Not today, today wasn’t bad enough for that, but somehow I just had a revelation that AIO is also driven by the consumer market, just like everything else…


The mystery part of it was just… I didn’t care, to be honest. I wanted to hear what’s going on with Morrey. As far as the mystery, I knew Morrey swiped the book on purpose, and I was questioning if it was legitimate the whole time because- where the heck did it come from? It was pretty obvious that Morrey dropped it, the book wasn’t just lying on the floor the whole time. I do admit, I started thinking it was real again about when they go see Mr. Whittaker about the lady he taught with, Maggie. And then like ten minutes later we get the bombshell that it was all a fake. Do you know how cheated I feel about that? So I really didn’t have to care the whole time? Good, because I didn’t. However, I felt better when the excuse for the convoluted story was that it was all fake. They get a few points for that one, because I was getting really bored and all the spy stuff was way too out there. Maggie being a bad actress was partially a giveaway, too. The actual actress for that character though, she was really good! She was my favorite actress in the whole episode.

I’m just done talking about this. That was about it. I was kind of hyped for Morrey stuff, now I have to wait another album or two, and as I’ve said before, I lose interest with every passing album. No answers, just the same old questions we’ve all been asking: what is Morrey up to?

Final rating: 6/10

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Correction: I spent two albums waiting, not two years.

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