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The John Avery Whittaker Award 2017!

Hey, nerds! I have managed to find more news! The John Avery Whittaker Award 2017 is up and running, nominate the Whit in your life through October 31st!

If you don’t know what this is, basically you nominate someone who is like Whit to you and has mentored you etc., just like Mr. Whittaker. The grand prize is a bunch of Focus on the Family resources and a one year subscription to the AIOC. But, they will be doing finalist awards, for 20 days from November 1st to November 20th on their facebook page. Those people will be receiving Album 63.

All details can be found at this link: http://www.whitsend.org/en/FeaturesView/john-avery-whittaker-award.aspx


The Nerdlies, Issue 3

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Eclipse 2017 Party At Whit’s End

By Kungfunaomi

Well, folks, if you are reading this post after the 2017 eclipse, then you missed out on the Whit’s End Eclipse 2017 party. The party is predicted to be a rousing success, finger foods such as “fried eyeballs” will teach a valuable lesson on not looking directly at the sun. We’re sure that Eugene will be giving us a lecture on how this eclipse will work, and Connie will most likely translate, “The moon is gonna cover the sun.”

The Avery Awards 2017

Hey nerds! The Avery Awards have been released this morning! If you recall, Odysseynerds had some predictions about who would win. So what I am going to do is put up the link to the podcast, and then you can scroll below that and compare the actual winners with the predicted winners. Got it? OK, so you can listen to the podcast at this link. 

Odysseynerds prediction: Shona Kennedy
WINNER: Shona Kennedy

Odysseynerds prediction: Robby Bruce
WINNER: Jess Harnell

Odysseynerds prediction: Eugene and Katrina confront Buck with his deception
WINNER: Wooton and Wellington play good cop and bad cop

Best Sound Design:
Odysseynerds prediction: Legacy parts 1& 2
WINNER: Legacy parts 1&2

Best Song in Legacy:
Odysseynerds prediction: Some Little Corner of the World
WINNER: Some Little Corner of the World

Best Comical Pair of Characters:
Odysseynerds prediction: Connie and Eugene
WINNER: Wooton and Wellington

Best Overall Episode:
Odysseynerds Prediction: A Very Bassett Wedding
WINNER: A Very Bassett Wedding