AIO Wants your fan art!

Hey, nerds! You thought the news was done? No. While I was sick I had plenty of time to stalk AIO stuff on the internet. Your printer paper fan art is being called for! Literally! No idea what you get for sending your art to them, but it has to be in by December 31st. It also has to be done on printer paper, I wasn’t kidding. You can take a look at the details at this link:


AIO Fan art submissions by Emma!

Hey, nerds! We have an actual bunch of submissions this time by (famed) AIO fan artist Emma! Seriously, I am going to go ahead and say that if you haven’t seen her work in some form at some point in time then there is something wrong with you, you’re not a true Meltsner fan. You can find her other work in her AIO portion of her Deviantart Gallery. Here’s some of them below, and they will also appear in the gallery.


Some nerds by OverTheRhine90

Eugene? by OverTheRhine90

jason whittaker by OverTheRhine90Dr. Regis Blackgaard by OverTheRhine90A possibility of singing in the Rain by OverTheRhine90


Another Eugene Fan Art Submission!

Hey, nerds! As you guys probably know, my other hobby besides Odysseynerds is art. Well, I’m at it again, drawing Eugene yet again. I asked myself why I draw him so much, and it’s because 1) he is my favorite character. 2) we all generally agree on what he looks like, unlike Jason or… Jason. 3) His face is the easiest to translate into the “real life” situation… unlike Jason.

I really need to do someone else, hurhurr. I’m going crazy.


It will be showing up with all of the other fan art in the Gallery, which is where you can find other people’s art too!

If you’d like to submit a drawing, etc, drop us a line on our contact page! That page sends straight to my personal email, so you’ll get a reply within a day. If you want a reply within… say a month and a half, send that drawing on over to! This is Kungfunaomi reminding you to come in and nerd out at Odysseynerds!