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Dr. Blackgaard

Hey nerds! I posted this drawing on my other blog and I am going to add it to our gallery! Enjoy!

destiny to draw

Again, my frens, again! I never get tired of redoing this character!


OK yeah there was something that happened between the painting and the lineart. Not sure which I like better.

DrBlackgaardCard I think I might like just the lineart better. IDK. They both have their charms, I wish I had paid more attention to what I was doing while I was painting over it. There were plenty of things I decided to “fix” while painting it and that may have been a bad idea. Also, now that I look at it, should have made him more pale. Way more pale. Regardless, I learned a TON while doing this particular drawing. So… onward we go!

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The Caves of Quamran

Just as the lost treasure of Le Rue was hidden in the Caves of Quamran, so was the extras from the release of the video hidden from us. Here they are again! (Via this link on Archive.org)

Whit and Dylan

Eugene and Connie

Stanley Martin


Mr X

Not only that, but here is some concept artwork for the backgrounds:

Desert City

Cave Entrance

Cave Passage

Coin Room

Angel Chamber

And finally, here are some coloring pages from the video.

Whit Khakis

Eugene Khakis

Dylan Khakis

Connie Khakis

Stanley Torch Size Comp

Rudy Khakis

Boris Khakis

Faustus Khakis

Whit Passport

Apparently Whit was born in 1939…

Connie’s Umbrella

Map Fragments

Coin Chest

Camel Sideview


Coin Pull From Wall W/ Wire Attached


That’s all for now, folks! Thanks for stopping by!


Another Fan Art Submission

Hey nerds! Yours truly has drawn herself right into Legacy with a picture of Buck as Guy Goodfellow. (Might as well, right?)


You can view my other drawings and stuff at my drawing blog: destinytodraw.wordpress.com.
And you can view all of our fan art submissions in the Odysseynerds Fan Gallery! If you have a submission for us, send it to odysseynerds@mail.com, or send a link to it. You can also send links to us from the contact page.
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Hey nerds! We have a new fanart submission from yours truly, I am reposting it from my drawing blog to here to save time. It will also be in the Gallery.

destiny to draw

I haven’t posted in a while, because while I am still drawing for 5+ hours a day, I just haven’t done anything I think that’s worth posting on the blog. Practice. All practice and experiments and learning. Schoolism.com is helping a ton, and I got published in Clubhouse Magazine again so that’s fun.

So actually, I have this step-by step thing again, one that I haven’t done in awhile. My friends keep asking for one so here you go Luke and Evelyn.

Step 1: Since I’m just playing around with Gary Locke’s original artwork, I figure I should just go ahead and start with the gesture. Playing around with why Gary made the energy the way he did.

12Step 3: Height chart. A realistic human is 6-8 heads tall, heroes in comic books are always 8. I choose 8 just because I think Eugene is tall.

3Step 4: Sketch in…

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