The Nerdlies, Issue 25

Richard Maxwell came back

By Kungfunaomi

Last Saturday, a group of our friends at Whit’s End hosted another B-TV show, the first in a number of years. Among those one-shot actors hired to play miscellaneous characters was the one and only Monica Stone. Richard Maxwell also auditioned, but didn’t play well. As his “revenge”, he pulled a gun on the production team to let him be in the show as the announcer… his gun fired off and hit the control board, which was linked to a secret nuclear missile Whit had in the basement, and the whole world exploded.

After we picked up the pieces, the world had reset to before auditions. This time, we tried to put guards out front to make sure Richard couldn’t get in. However, Eugene wasn’t really confident about his “guarding” skills so he rigged the security system to alert the police when Richard entered the building. He wasn’t aware that the radioing system interfered with the aircraft in the sky, thus bringing down a nuclear missile that was supposed to go all the way across the sea. The whole world exploded.

We are giving the announcer two out of three.