Interesting quote from Phil Lollar.

“And I have to tell you, this is a preview of what’s to come [with the Blackgaard Chronicles Books], um, just a little- kind of wetting the whistle here, there’s something else going on here with Blackgaard that nobody even suspected. And all of that’s gonna come out in the books.” -Phil Lollar

Hey, nerds! I just wanted to tease you a little bit, I’m getting exited about more of the upcoming Blackgaard Chronicles books, and I know you are too. In case you haven’t heard the latest AIO Podcast, Phil Lollar was talking about writing the Blackgaard Chronicles, about finding out what Blackgaard was doing behind-the-scenes. The quote above was talking about that, and I know it’s spoiler-esque which is why I posted it. Now we can all stay awake, wracking our brains about what Blackgaard is up to, together!
You can find the quote in the podcast, starting at the 11 minute mark.


Review of Angels in Horsehair

Warning. Contains Spoilers, and this is a “gut reaction review”, meaning I literally am finishing up the episode right now. Click the “Read More” button to continue.

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ATC Podcast interviews Phil Lollar

Hey nerds! Audio Theatre Central, one of the best AIO and radio drama podcasts, is back again with an interview with Phil Lollar! They talk Odyssey among a plethora of things, and you can listen to the interview (and the Season 1 review of Illiad House), on the Audio Theatre Central site or embedded below.