The Caves of Quamran

Just as the lost treasure of Le Rue was hidden in the Caves of Quamran, so was the extras from the release of the video hidden from us. Here they are again! (Via this link on

Whit and Dylan

Eugene and Connie

Stanley Martin


Mr X

Not only that, but here is some concept artwork for the backgrounds:

Desert City

Cave Entrance

Cave Passage

Coin Room

Angel Chamber

And finally, here are some coloring pages from the video.

Whit Khakis

Eugene Khakis

Dylan Khakis

Connie Khakis

Stanley Torch Size Comp

Rudy Khakis

Boris Khakis

Faustus Khakis

Whit Passport

Apparently Whit was born in 1939…

Connie’s Umbrella

Map Fragments

Coin Chest

Camel Sideview


Coin Pull From Wall W/ Wire Attached


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Behind the Scenes of The Last Days of Eugene Meltsner

Feature on back around 2008/ Via

The process of creating an Adventures in Odyssey video can be an adventure in and of itself. Each step requires hours of work-and everything is done by hand. But, the results are magical. Here’s a closer look at how we bring stories like “The Last Days of Eugene Meltsner” to life.

It all begins with a script, which tells a story. Scripts always contain some main characters, like Eugene, Bernard & Dylan. But they also introduce some new characters as well, like Mr. Grundy. Every person involved in the animation process gets a script, acting as a guideline for the production of the video.clpmodel-1clpmodel-2clpmodel-3clpmodel-4

The script helps to design the new characters. Artists draft many drawings so that each finished character looks just right. The drawings act as reference models so every time a character appears, it looks the same. Once the models are finished, backgrounds and locations are also designed.

While the artists are designing the models, “voiceover” actors are hired to play the parts of each character. Sometimes an actor will even play two parts at once! The recording is done in a studio with special microphones and soundproof walls. Each actor acts out his part, sometimes performing it many times to get it just right. Each voice is recorded separately, then edited together so it sounds like all of the characters are in the same room.

Storyboard artists take all the information-the script, models, backgrounds and dialogue track-and create a storyboard, a comic-book version of the script. Each small drawing-sometimes there are up to 500 in each scene-portrays the action, characters and dialogue. Once the storyboard is finished it’s easier to see how the story will unfold.clpsbd-1

Using animation paper (it’s really just regular paper with holes at the bottom), the layout artist stages the scene. He decides where Eugene will walk, or how Bernard’s window washing scaffold will hang. If the layout artist indicates that the Micro-Simulator is moving in front of an artery wall, the animator will draw it around the correct background.

Each character drawing is scanned into the computer and digitally “painted”- no “wet” paint is used on the characters at all! After the characters are colored, and the painted background is also scanned in, the two are put together and the animators create the illusion of movement. Each movement is output directly from the computer to a digital video tape. This saves a tremendous amount of time compared to the old way animation was done- thousands of photographs had to be taken of each of over 20,000 cells!

When the animation is on tape, the sound is added. Here, the dialogue, sound effects and music are combined. After a 10-month process, the latest Adventures in Odyssey video is ready to be viewed!!

Other character art


Also, some coloring pages.

Coloring Page 1

Coloring Page 2

Coloring Page 3


And finally, a screensaver for your viewing pleasure, which can be downloaded here:
t’s a very old screensaver so it might not work on your computer.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, use the contact page on our website or send us an email at We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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