The Odyssey Scoop

Excerpts from the no-longer-existent Clubhouse Magazine site feature called The Odyssey Scoop. Categorized on our site under The Odyssey Times. 

Mind-Bending Math
by Kathy Wierenga“Eugene,” Connie said, coming into Whit’s End one morning. “I have a mind game for you.”

“You have a mind game for me?” Eugene was very curious. “Please proceed.”

Connie handed him a piece of paper and a sealed envelope. “Write a three-digit number near the top of the paper, but it can’t end with a zero or start and end with the same number.”

Eugene thought for a moment, and then jotted down a number.

“Reverse the number. For example if the number is 321, then write 123 below it.”

She gave Eugene a minute. “Now look at those two numbers, and find the smaller one. Subtract the smaller number from the larger one.”

Eugene quickly calculated, then looked back to Connie.

“If you’re left with a two-digit number, put a zero in front of it. If it’s a three-digit number, leave it as is.”

Eugene nodded his understanding.

“Under that number, write the reverse of it, and then add them together. Circle the total.”

With a flourish, Eugene circled the final number and smirked at Connie.

“Now open the envelope I gave you at the beginning, and your number will be inside.”

Eugene laughed. “Certainly not. The probability of you guessing it correctly is barely conceivable.”

He quickly tore open the envelope and took out the number. “1,089!” he looked up, shocked. “Unbelievable! How did you know?”

Test your knowledge by answering these questions.

Knows the Show: Which of Whit’s inventions allows kids to see what might happen in the future?
Whit’s End Wonder: Who played the scarecrow in Kids’ Radio presentation of “The Great Wishy Woz”?
Eu-genius: What was the name of Bethany’s imaginary friend?

Answers: The Room of Consequence allows kids to see the future. Tom Riley played the scarecrow. Bethany’s imaginary friend was named Belinda.


The Odyssey Scoop

Excerpts from the no-longer-existent Clubhouse Magazine site feature called The Odyssey Scoop. Categorized under The Odyssey Times.

Timothy Center Hosts Many Different Groups
by Nathan Hoobler

A retreat for inner-city youth. A campout for middle school girls. A meeting place for people with traditional values. What do all of these events have in common? The Timothy Center.

Owned and operated by Tom Riley, the Timothy Center has become one of the most popular sites in Odyssey for meetings, camps and conventions.

Riley opened the Center a few years ago after spending some time with children from Oswald Heights. “I had been praying for a new way to reach people in Odyssey for the Lord,” Riley said. “The Timothy Center really provided the answer to my prayers, more than I could ever imagine.”

Despite Riley’s optimism, the Center has experienced some financial difficulties. Several building projects were recently postponed after a string of group cancellations. However, a fund-raiser organized by Timothy Center employee Connie Kendall and the leasing of a few acres of the property by Novacom, a local media company, alleviated the problems.

Riley said he’s always surprised by the wide variety of groups that use the Center. “We’ve hosted horse enthusiasts, family reunions and even tin can artists,” Riley pointed out.

Next month a local chapter of “positive thinkers” known as SMILE (Society for Mental Improvement and Living Enthusiastically) will be holding its annual meeting on the Timothy Center grounds.

Test your knowledge by answering these questions.

Knows the Show: Connie works at the Timothy Center. Where else does she work?
Whit’s End Wonder: The Shepards also work at the Timothy Center. What is the name of their youngest daughter?
Eu-genius: What are the names of Tom’s three horses?

Answers: Connie also works at Whit’s End. The Shepards’ youngest daughter is Bethany. Leah, Rachel and Little Joe are Tom’s horses.


The Odyssey Scoop

Excerpts from the no-longer-existent Clubhouse Magazine site feature, the Odyssey Scoop. Categorized under “The Odyssey Times”.

Toying Around For a Good Cause
Bernard Walton will be coordinating the stuffed toy drive for area hospitals this weekend. Stuffed animals will be collected at Whit’s End and delivered to pediatric wards across the state. Walton is hoping to give away more than a thousand toys.“Last year we only got 999 and it pretty much drove me crazy,” said Walton, who also chaired last year’s drive.

Walton was inspired to start the toy drive because he received a toy when he was hospitalized with an appendicitis as a child.

“The little stuffed pelican someone gave me became my best friend,” Walton said. “I still sleep with it sometimes when I get a paper cut or a blister. But don’t put that in the newspaper.” Oops.

Walton’s favorite part of the event is delivering the toys. Connie Kendall helps with delivery.

“There’s no better feeling than spreading joy to kids who are hurting,” Kendall said. “Giving them a little something to brighten their day makes all the work worth it.”

Test your knowledge by answering these questions.

Knows the Show: How many children did Whit have?
Whit’s End Wonder:What beverage did Wooton Bassett make in “A Wooton Christmas”?
Eu-genius: What was Jason’s secret agent number?

Answers: Whit had three children. Wooton made peppermint lemonade. Jason’s secret agent number was 1131.

The Odyssey Scoop

Excerpts from the no-longer-existent Clubhouse Magazine site feature, The Odyssey Scoop. Will be categorized under “The Odyssey Times”.

Vol. 6, No. 3 ALWAYS FREE

Cookie Time
by Daniel Coulter“The St. Patrick’s Day party at Whit’s End was a blast,” Bethany Shepherd said. Many other local children felt the same way.

John Avery Whittaker invited the children of Odyssey to join him at Whit’s End for a time of baking and decorating cookies last Saturday. More than 100 youth attended.

Connie Kendall and Mr. Whittaker baked the cookies while cookie decorators, armed with green and white frosting, filled the dining area.

“It was great,” Alex Jefferson said. “Connie and Whit got into a flour fight, and soon everything was covered.”

Other children enjoyed the opportunity to create something sweet from the heart for those they love. Mr. Whittaker suggested the children decorate a few extra cookies to pass out to their friends at school. The children also decided to mail them to their friends and family.

Some reports say a few cookies were delivered with bites taken out of them. When asked, mailman Wooton Bassett broke down and confessed.

“I couldn’t help it,” he said. “The cookies smelled so good I just had to eat a couple.”

As a result, some of the families around Odyssey received half-eaten cookies, with the message, “Happy St. Pa.”

Test your knowledge by answering these questions.

Knows the Show: What is Whit’s wife’s name?
Whit’s End Wonder: Who was dating Whit’s wife when they first met?
Eu-genius: What is the name of the baseball player Connie fell in love with?

Answers: Jenny is Whit’s wife. Jenny was dating Jack Allen when she and Whit first met. Connie fell in love with Jeff Lewis.