Odyssey Scoopcast reviews Connie the Counselor

Hey, nerds! I didn’t catch this because Odysseyscoop never updates, and therefore, I doubt you will hear the next installment of this review series, but whatever. The Odyssey Scoopcast has reviewed Connie the Counselor, the first installment in Album 62. They released this episode a total of 32 days ago! Talk about late news on my part. You can listen to the review at this link: http://www.odysseyscoopcast.com/2017-11-24.htm


Part 3 of Phil Lollar interview released by Odyssey ScoopCast

Hey, nerds! Ever wondered how Renee Carter fits into the canon of Odyssey? Well, if you listen to the last part of the Odyssey Scoopcast’s interview with Phil Lollar, now you can find out. You can listen to the interview at this link, or embedded below.


Source/Via: Odyssey Scoop Blog

Odyssey Scoopcast interviews Phil Lollar (Part 2)

Hey nerds! The Odyssey Scoopcast is back, this time with the second part of the interview with Phil Lollar. This is good stuff and I’m excited to listen to another piece of Phil’s direction he wants to go with the show. You can listen to it on the Odyssey Scoopcast website, or listen to it embedded below.




Source 1: Odysseyscoop.com

Source 2: AIOupdate.weebly.com

Odyssey Scoopcast interviews Phil Lollar

Hey nerds! If you’re not familiar with The Odyssey Scoop, they are the go-to-place for Adventures in Odyssey stuff. It has been 24 days since their last update, but they’ve updated with an interview with Phil Lollar! Hooray! You can find all the details on their site, where you can also listen to the podcast, or you can listen to the one embedded below!