The Nerdlies, Issue 44

The Dr. Blackgaard Show

By Kungfunaomi

We all like to poke fun at Dr. Blackgaard. But what about making a show about him?

Two ambitious producers are going to do just that. The show, entitled “The Dr. Blackgaard Show”, will feature a series of pratfalls and epic fails for your enjoyment, with the one and only Dr. Blackgaard.

The only naysayer is Mr. Whittaker. We will make a hamster meme of him soon. For now, enjoy samples of the upcoming pilot episode:


AIOC: Skit from the live show January 1st

Hey, nerds! Thanks to NJ for this tip! The Adventures in Odyssey Club is going to be adding the AIO live show skit that featured Will Ryan and Katie Leigh (Eugene and Connie), to its available content. This will be available starting January 1st.

Live show 2017 update

Hey, nerds! Sorry I haven’t posted a single thing today… there’s this thing called life, and there’s many variations of it including the one called ‘busy’…

Anyways. In case you haven’t seen it already, the 2017 live show on the Focus on the Family Cruise is sold out! For the Adventures in Odyssey live show, confirmed actors/attendees are Paul McCusker, Phil Lollar, Chris Anthony, Andre Stojka, Katie Leigh, Grayson Smith, Will Ryan, Shona Kennedy, Karona Kennedy, Katriona Kennedy, Townsend Coleman, and Jess Harnell. A video of them rehearsing at the Holiday Inn was released on Facebook, and in the background I definitely saw Kathy Buchanan. We don’t know if she’s confirmed to be on the cruise, she most likely will be. Better get in the Christmas spirit because the Saguaro Sisters are singing Christmas songs!  Also, if you look at this photo, the guy to the far right definitely looks like Chuck Bolte.




Are any of you going on the live show? Let me know! I’m not going, heh, but if you are, have fun!