Spoiler: quote from Phil Lollar

Hey, nerds! You can hear this quote on the new AIO Podcast! 

Phil Lollar: “However, I will say this: we have some shows planned, coming up, where a character from the past, a really important character from the past, shows up again. Several of them, in fact, but one in particular everybody’s gonna go ‘WHAT!?’, I guarantee it.”
Nathan Hoobler: “One that many people have asked about.”


Future episodes spoiler

Ahem. Kathy Buchanan made a statement at the Get in the Show finale event about Connie and Jason, which has been added to the AIOWiki upcoming episodes list.

At the Get in the Show Finale Event, Kathy Buchanan said some interesting things are in store for Jason, and that Connie is going to make a new friend. 

You can see this interesting bit of information at this link: http://www.aiowiki.com/wiki/Future_seasons