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Album 64 News

Warning- contains spoilers!


Last call!



Album 64- we have a summary! Here it is:

“A scuba-diving adventure leads to an unlikely investigation as Wooton and Penny try to find the owner of a camera they discovered at the bottom of Trickle Lake. And that’s not the only long-hidden secret being uncovered in Odyssey!
When Whit sends Olivia and Matthew on an Imagination Station adventure to Old Testament days, the pair discovers that their heroes have unpleasant dark sides too. The Jones & Parker Detective Agency investigates an author’s long-lost final manuscript and discovers that the mystery may be bigger than they ever imagined. And after Buck laments his lack of family connections, Eugene takes him on a road trip to find more about the boy’s bewildering personal history.
In these six thrilling adventures, you’ll discover the reason millions of people can’t wait to hear another exciting adventure in Odyssey! “

The Imagination Station adventure is in reference to “David and Absalom, Parts 1 and 2”, written by Phil Lollar and was recorded earlier this year. Of course, the Jones and Parker mystery may be in reference to the one that was cut from Album 63. Other episodes we don’t know anything about, except for of course the Wooton and Penny mystery which is shown on the cover.

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Source/VIA: AIOWiki.com (Who pulled it from Amazon.com)

“Rewinding the Big Picture” to bring back some familiar faces?

All right! So we have got some stuff… I am going to start with the last piece of news on the Eugene, Katrina, and Buck episode titled “Divided We Fall” (definitely excited for this one!), is that Tony Amendola plays the judge in this episode. Tony played Chief Tom in the AIOC episode “The Cure”. He also played the father on Fallout 4. For all of you who have dads like mine that play Fallout.
Speaking of actors you might recognize, also in “Divided We Fall”, is a social worker who is played by the one and only Angela Cartwright, who played Brigitta Von Trapp in the (awesomest) most popular movie version of The Sound of Music.

All right, now to the next episode, called “Rewinding the Big Picture”. I guess it will take a look back at some characters, because in the Facebook post, “We’ll meet new friends and reconnect with old ones.” I can only assume this means actually old ones? Similar to the return of Marvin Washington in Unfair Game? They say that this is the “final, kid-centered show of this recording session”, so we kind of might have the idea of what is next. Rewinding the Big Picture will have Camilla Parker, played by the recently introduced Lilly Mae Stewart. Camilla will say some unconventional things to her friend Maisey, who will be played by Justine Huxley. Justine is a good actor with a ridiculous amount of voices that she can make, but the one she is using for Maisey is more toned down. You can watch a clip of her and Lilly acting together at this link: https://www.facebook.com/AIOFanPage/videos/1827253360619952/

To Find a Penny Parts 1&2: Read the entire plot

Hey nerds! If you seriously can’t get enough spoilers or weren’t part of the mass accident that allowed many people to listen to the entirety of Album 63, then you can read the ENTIRE plot of both To Find A Penny parts 1&2 on Aiowiki.com, they have a spoiler tag you have to click on to see it. I personally did not take advantage of the accidentally uploaded episodes, but this is why all kinds of spoilers are popping up. Anyway, you can read the first part of To Find A Penny at this link, and the second part of To Find A Penny at this link. This is Kungfunaomi reminding you to come in and nerd out at Odysseynerds!


Source: aiowiki.com