2017 Cruise Show Plot (AIOWiki)

Hey, nerds! Man, I am literally not getting any school done, I need to stop reporting…

The plot to the 2017 Cruise Show is now available on AIOWiki! Click here to read it!


Album 64: A couple spoilers, and more controversy

Hey, nerds! Wrapping up with the AIO Podcast, here are a couple spoilers for you:

Jacques Henri will make an appearance in “Your Honest Opinion, Please”.

Buck has been trying to contact Mr. Skint, in what is presumably the untitled Buck and Eugene adventure that was cut and replaced with Sir Buddy’s Snow Day. But why would they air that line anyway if the episode was cut? Will this line appear in Out of the Picture instead? Was the episode really cut? What do you think?

Luke is trying to get a statement from Nathan Hoobler about this, we’ll update you when he does.

Spoiler: quote from Phil Lollar

Hey, nerds! You can hear this quote on the new AIO Podcast! 

Phil Lollar: “However, I will say this: we have some shows planned, coming up, where a character from the past, a really important character from the past, shows up again. Several of them, in fact, but one in particular everybody’s gonna go ‘WHAT!?’, I guarantee it.”
Nathan Hoobler: “One that many people have asked about.”

Amazon Album 64 Preview Spoilers!

Hey Nerds! I have a treat for you! So Amazon has come out with thirty-second previews of each episode in the album! You can click here to listen to them yourself but so far this is what we hear in the previews!


832: Your Honest Opinion, Please

Ok this one opens up with Penny and Wooton in an art gallery. Penny leads Wooton to a painting and tells him that it would look good in their house. She also tells him that she knows the artist so she could get it for a good price. Wooten considers it and he says that he just thinks it’s not that good. We can guess that in this episode Penny gets tired of everybody lying to her about her work just because their friends. So she pretends it not her’s and asks them about it. As for the clown thing, I have no idea where that fits in the plot.


833: The Secret of Writer’s Ruse

This one starts at the start of the episode and Matthew is narrating about how him and Emily were at the library. Emily is walking reading a mystery book then she runs into non other than MORI! Mori apologizes for running into her and he says he has a lot of books because of a research project in school about I think Nazis? The preview ends mid word. But this episode is going to be pretty awesome since it has Odyssey’s newest Villian maybe? Maybe mini Villian?


834: Sir Buddy’s Snowy Day

This preview doesn’t have much so far. The preview starts with a pretty good narrator. He describes how is Buddy on a horse? He rides his horse and starts in front of Lady Rose? Then Whit calls Rose and the narrator describes how Rose looks to Whit then the preview ends with Buddy riding off. Honestly I’m not too excited for this episode. I would have preferred if it was the Buck and Eugene adventure but who knows. Maybe this episode will be a good one.


835: David and Absalom Part 1 of 2

Ok this episode doesn’t have any of the audio from the Imagination Station adventures but it’s still pretty good. Olivia and Matthew are talking to Whit about Matthew’s addiction to super hero comics. Olivia brings up “Professor Incredible” Matthew’s favorite super hero. Olivia attacks Matthew’s love for comics and how it’s a waste of time. Matthew defends himself saying “I like comics. What’s wrong with that?” Olivia then calls it a boy thing and says she would never get caught up in Hero Praise. Then Matthew brings up non other than- wait for it! Malissa Ciphers!! Ha! Awesome reference back to Tamika’s obsession with her! Anyways, then Olivia defends that Malissa makes a difference in the world while comic book heroes do nothing. Then Matthew says “By sing-” and the preview ends there. Ok I’m really excited for this episode! It looks like it will be very interesting!


836: David and Absalom Part 2 of 2

This preview starts with Matthew and Olivia are talking to David’s guard and they ask him where David is. He responds by saying “He is back in Jerusalem.” Then they ask him who the parade is for and he says “It’s for the prince, Absolam.” Then Olivia spots him and screams “That is the most amazingly handsome man I have ever seen!” Then the scene switches to David (or Ansolam, I can’t tell which) telling Olivia that Jerusalem is his home and he needs to stay there to carry out his plans. Then the preview ends. Ok now I am really really excited for these episodes! They sound like they’ll be awesome episodes!


837: Out of the Picture

The preview starts with Whit saying to Eugene that “The fish aren’t biting” then Eugene adds “But the mosquitoes are.” The Eugene draws Whit’s attention to the water and points out that there are bubbles coming from it. Then out of no where Wooton pops our of the water, scaring Eugene. Short after Penny comes up laughing. Wooton and Penny then explain that they scuba dive in the water in trickle lake and they play a game to see who can find the most interesting trinket. The scene soon ends. Ok I’m pretty excited for this episode too! It sounds like it’s gonna be hilarious! Also I have to comment and say that Naomi’s predictions about the episode were wrong from what it sounds.


There you go folks! Those are what are in the upcoming episodes! Let you know what you think about the upcoming episode by saying something down in the comments! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns make sure to share them with us by commenting down below, filling out a contact form here, or you could email us at odysseynerds@mail.com. This is Luke reminding you that Odyssey Nerds is the place to nerd out!