Review of B-TV: Revenge

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B-TV: Revenge Out Now

Hey nerds! Yep! The latest episode in Up in the Air is out now in the AIOC, B-TV: Revenge. I will review it at some point today or tomorrow… or Saturday. Hopefully today. Busy this week. Anyways, go listen to it!

Agent.MontyWhittaker review of Find A Penny Part 1!

Hey nerds! On our contact form we got a reader review of Find A Penny, Part 1. The review is by Agent.MontyWhittaker on the Soda Shop Message Board. His site is at, so if you want to read more of his reviews, check it out. Without further ado, here is the review. (Click “Continue Reading” to continue and view spoilers).

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Listen to previews of Album 63 episodes

Hey nerds! Album 63 is available for pre-order on Amazon, which also means that you can listen to 30-second clips of the episodes, surprisingly. THIS WILL FEED YOUR NERDNESS. Of course, if you want to, you can always wait until the album comes out in the AIOC on July 13th. You can listen to the episode previews here:

Source/Via: AIOUpdate