New Podcast introduces Sam Suksiri

Hey nerds! The latest AIO podcast introduces the one and only Sam Suksiri, who is the latest writer on the Odyssey team. He’s a Jack-of-all-trades, (and a master of all) and you can listen to his interesting adventures, and hear about the new B-TV he’s writing, at this link to the Official AIO Podcast. Or, you can listen to it embedded below!


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Part 3 of Phil Lollar interview released by Odyssey ScoopCast

Hey, nerds! Ever wondered how Renee Carter fits into the canon of Odyssey? Well, if you listen to the last part of the Odyssey Scoopcast’s interview with Phil Lollar, now you can find out. You can listen to the interview at this link, or embedded below.


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Pray for John Fornof

Hey, nerds, I’d like to let you all know that John Fornof (writer of popular AIO episodes such as Snow Day, Broken Window, and Gloobers), has prostate cancer. It’s been rated 8 out of 10, and his radiation treatment will begin in a few weeks. He asks for your prayers. If you’d like to donate to the fund to help him and his family with treatment and other necessities, you can visit this link and donate to the fund, or share it on Facebook.


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“Candid Conversations With Connie” Fanfiction

Hey nerds! We have a fanfiction submission by Adina W., that she’s also going to send in to ClubHouse Magazine. She is going to be writing for us from now on, under the username Captainprecious, but I’m typing up the story for her because I have a better computer. Without further ado, here is “Candid Conversations with Connie!”

By Adina W., Age 13

Eugene: Greetings and salutations, one and all- welcome to Candid Conversations of Extreme Intellect, starring Eugene Meltsner and Buck Oliver!
Buck: I think you mean Candid Conversations with Connie, Mr. Eugene.
Eugene: Ah, perhaps that is the customary title for this radio broadcast, but since Miss Kendall is currently ill with a head cold and unable to attend, I took the liberty of gracing this audiological source of entertainment with my presence- and yours, of course.
Buck: Much obliged.
Eugene: To begin, we have chosen for our underlying theme to revolve around forgiveness. Last Friday, the Meltsner residence had fallen into a state of chaos. It began when I had forgotten to take Buck to basketball tryouts because I had been in the endeavor to transport Katrina’s graded papers over to the school. She borrowed a school classroom for her tutoring because I may have accidentally smoked her out of her original studio…
Buck: Don’t ask how that happened.
Eugene: …Yes. All to say, she was quite cross with me after that little incident-
Buck: You call four fire trucks, two police cars, and an ambulance a little incident?
Eugene: -And so I wanted to make it up to her by bringing her the papers after she had left them at home. To resume, I had been caught in the middle of a traffic jam with the windows of the car rolled down, when a gust of wind reaching the speed of approximately 15.4 miles per hour scattered the papers out the window from one end of the road to the other… and then the light turned green.
It is safe to say that I needed much forgiveness that evening. Katrina was upset with her studio being destroyed and tire tracks running through her papers, and Buck was angry that I had completely forgotten his tryouts. But it taught me the valuable lesson that, though I try, there is only one who is perfect- Jesus Christ.
Buck: Mr. Eugene? We have a caller.
Eugene: Hello? Welcome to Candid Conversations-
Connie: EUGENE! I NEVER said you could be on my- ah-choo! radio show!
Eugene: Excuse me, my faithful listeners, but I think that I have some more forgiveness to ask for right now.

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