Other Odyssey Sites



At Whit’s End ran for only about 8 months back in 2011. It included episode reviews, along with secular and Christian movie reviews.

The Odyssey Scoop has been up and running for over 16 years, so they probably know what they’re talking about. They do news, scoopcasts, etc.

Inside AIO is rarely updated, if at all, but includes reviews, fanfiction, news, a pretty good character page, and some other stuff.

The Cryin’ Brian Dern blog only ran for a short while as far as I know, very recently it displays an invited readers only thing whenever I try to open it. Last time I looked at it, it was updated about a year ago and appeared to be abandoned.

The AIO Blog is run by Austin Peachey, and does news, interviews, a blogcast, and other fan stuff. It has been running since 2008.

AIO Odds and Ends I have not seen because it’s another invited users only blog. If any of you can read it, then have fun!

Just Another AIO Blog ran for a short time, ending in 2014. It has old news, articles, and some reviews.

Odyssey Way had an actual ‘The End’ post, and still ran for only about a year, if you count the time being active. If you count the year-long silence, then it ran for two years.

The Odyssey Squirrel ran for three months, and was a person with basic photo-editing skills pretending to be… the Odyssey Squirrel.

The Voice of Odyssey ended in 2014 with a lengthy summary of Album 58 which is definitely worth reading. In fact, all of these reviews are worth reading.

Twists and Turns was short-lived. It has a pretty good list of sites that I’m going to include in this article.

The Campbell Country Connection either came out at the right time, or voiced the fans’ opinions pretty well, because it lasted for three years and had six album reviews, and a great post on why the Adventures in Odyssey Club is a bad idea.

Take a look at AIOInsanity. Proof that this is a truly comprehensive list.

AIOHQ Was really the first Odyssey fan site, run by… the teenage version of Nathan Hoobler, who now works as a writer for Adventures In Odyssey! Since he also interned there while writing the blog, there are some behind-the-scenes things that are definitely worth looking for! This website is no longer updated, but is a really cool one anyway.

Audio Theatre Central is another good one to have a look at, it actually runs currently and covers other audio dramas-not just AIO, though AIO manages to sneak into all of their conversations.

The Adventures In Odyssey Oddcast is attempting to review all episodes, and they’ve done pretty good so far. They also stay pretty up-to-date on the latest episode reviews and are definitely worth checking out.

The Unofficial AIO Blog is dead. So. Go check it out if you want to see old news and old reviews.

The Adventures In Odyssey Times is a news site that is not dead, however, their issues of the news come once per month, so it is not the most up-to-date.

The Boredom Buster Podcast had nine episodes and then died. I commend them for effort.

AIO Thoughts had some reviews, some thoughts (very interesting ones) about Odyssey, illustrated with memes or other pictures, and then died as well.

Go listen to The Whit’s End Podcast. It ran for like eight years, appears to be dead as of May, but who knows? At any rate you’ll find something you like here.

The Odyssey Muchacha was a ‘Spanglish’ blog run by somebody pretending to be Camilla Parker. It’s entertaining to read, though the post you’ll see when you open it is “Why I’m glad a blog can’t die.” Well, it died. So sorry.

Out of Control in Odyssey isn’t updated any more, but they had some reviews, “Candid Konversations”, etc. They were a newer blog so you can kind of expect not-so-old news.

The Changing Times doesn’t have any posts, but it was an Odyssey blog when it existed, because I went there once before. I think they deleted all of their posts or got cleaned out or something.

The Ceiling Fan Podcast will make you cry. Run by legendary Kevin McCreary, it boasts of four seasons and a LOT of podcasts. His character, Ethan Daniels, boasts to be the biggest AIO fan, but will get on your nerves as he continually proves that he knows nothing about AIO. Podcasts include Odyssey news, lashbacks, etc. It ended with the grand finale in 2014 and then Kevin moved on to other projects.

AIO Update is still running, a good source for news or other items of interest. They also have editorials, mostly written by David Hilder, monthly polls, FAQs on Odyssey, etc.

Down Odyssey Lane is DIFFERENT from Odyssey Way. This one made it for about two weeks. So.

The AIO Library is unique because it’s the only modern site that looks like it’s from the 1990s. It’s actually pretty darn complete and is more like a earlier version of AIOWiki. They quit updating in 2012 but it’s still worth taking a look at.

The Soda Shop message board is run by the Odyssey Scoop, but it’s different enough to put another link to it. It is the smallest Odyssey forum and basically it’s lesser known, but they have lots of members that are still alive so things are moving right along.

Since we’re doing forums…

The Town of Odyssey forum is the largest Odyssey forum, so large that Katie Leigh finally cracked and signed up. If there is something going on, you’ll find out about it here, this is the posting place of choice for Nathan Hoobler, Phil Lollar, famous fan podcasters, etc. However, since they rarely ever post, you’ll also find fun things to do in a forum that boasts of 1,395 members, a bank, an arcade, etc. However, it seems that it doesn’t run as currently as The Soda Shop does.

The Campbell County Message Boards have some serious issues with non-existent members. It seems like someone or another will post every year or so, so if you want to take over a forum single-handedly, this is the one.

The AIO Fan Podcast is doing time as a dead site since 2012. But you should listen to the podcasts. Entertaining and… well, entertaining. They do reviews and such as well.

Dave’s AIO Blog is from the perspective of a first-gen AIO fan, who hates modern AIO. It ended in 2012, as all of these seem to, but ran for two years.

Rusty Gordon’s Blog is a blog run by a guy pretending to be… you guessed it, Rusty Gordon! It ended in 2008, but yeah. Go check it out, it’s fun.

A Town Called Odyssey lived and died in 2012. However, this one spiced it up a bit with horrible grammar and punctuation.

The AIO Daily News seriously died like the first day. Skylerbuck, who was running the podcast, now contributes heavily to AIOWiki, so he’s still alive.

Speaking of AIOWiki, here’s the link for one of the best websites around! http://www.aiowiki.com/wiki/Main_Page

The World of AIO Quotes just… yeah. Quotes. Ended in 2014. This guy needs to just go hang out at the Wiki.

AIO Soda is kind of like the AIO Library but not looking so much from the ’90s, and not nearly as complete. It ended in 2008. Enjoy!

The Best Small Town Podcast boasts of a ‘live’ time of two months, and has a whole entire five episodes!

The Heart of AIO also ran for like two months. However, go check out their art page. It’s so bad that it’s funny.

The Electric Palace had only four posts, which is too bad because it was a great one. “Bart Rathbone” trying to sell you on used batteries. Go check it out and talk like Rodney when you leave a comment!

The Agent’s Blog was run by someone pretending to be Jared DeWhite, who was pretending to be “Agent 3XQ”.

Mandy Straussberg’s Life was another blog that didn’t last, someone pretending to be Mandy. However, this one ran for almost a whole year.

The AIO Fan’s Life ran for a whole year! However, you should be aware that his host website has poor ratings because of phishing. It kind of became a more personal blog with AIO mixed in.

Ah, there are a lot of these!!

OK so now we are out of the ‘blogs’ and stuff section.

Other sites:

Odyssey Geek was just started by Austin Peachey and is kind of a video blog kind of thing. It’s the kind of kind of kind of kind of thing that would repeat that Bart Rathbone quote and kind of kind of use it in the episode.

Ashley Green (Huge AIO Fan) has that YouTube page, which was acting out the episodes, and finally died, but went to the grave with an impressive acting out of The Labyrinth, part One.

Adventures in Editing isn’t dead yet! Run by one person who does the split-screen effect to get more than one person on the screen. You may recognize her- she was featured on an Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

Odd-U-See is another AIO Acting channel, also not dead.

The Adventure in Odyssey Fanfiction Community has lots of AIO Fanfiction. If you like fanfiction, go check it out!

A Place Of Wonder, a joint site to AIOUpdate, also has more fanfiction.

The Odyssey Fan Art Gallery is dead, but has an interview with Paul McCusker.

AIO Fan Art on Pinterest has fan art, but is really just a Pinterest copy of the link below.

Odysseymoments on Instagram you seriously need to follow or keep checking or something. The only place you can get AIO memes, and they are awesome.

OdysseyMoments on Facebook

If you want other related links:

Those Bowling Iguanas is the blog of the famed… Gary Locke! He does the Adventures in Odyssey covers.

David Hohn is the guy who illustrates the Imagination Station book covers.

Katie Leigh’s website is Katie Leigh’s website.

The Adventures in Oddity Book written by Katie Leigh and Will Ryan can be bought at Katie Leigh’s shop.

The Adventures In Oddity Audiobook is the Adventures in Oddity book… in audio form. Acted by Will Ryan and Katie Leigh themselves!

M’kalister Park is the Ceiling Fan Podcast band. They sing about Odyssey and of course… things related to the Ceiling Fan.

Will Ryan and the Cactus County Cowboys‘ first album is available for free on Spotify.

The Cowboy’s second album is on Bandcamp

And this is the link to Will Ryan’s facebook page.

FAIO  has tons of free AIO episodes and stuff. Go check them out!

And Here’s the link to officially released free episodes

Here’s Chris Anthony on Instagram

Shona Kennedy on Instagram

The official Saguaro Sisters Website!

The Saguaro Sisters on Facebook

Adventures in Odyssey on Facebook

Playhouse of the Airwaves was a short-lived podcast that had, count em’, two whole episodes.

The Imagination Station was a forum that was super small and lasted for two years. It’s like a ghost town!

The Abby and Mandie Show actually seemed kind of popular in its day, and they had quite a bit to offer. A short-lived podcast, but quite a few videos of them acting out scenes of Odyssey around the 2012 era. Also some random stuff such as Jack Sparrow meets Agent Bourland. They have a link to the site that they moved to but it’s a bad link, unfortunately.

Growing up with Trent and Rudy (the Trent Show) This blog had a LOT of readers but mostly because they came up with questions to make people battle it out in the comments. There were AIO episode reviews but it was mostly a personal blog.

Regisville was a forum that was around in 09′ and was a bit more active than the Imagination Station.

Here’s actor Robby Bruce on Instagram

Trent Chat ran for four months, and was yet again someone pretending to be Trent DeWhite. I recommend it. It has pictures of ice cream.

Bimmy Jarclay on Tumblr is a casual “We love AIO” kind of a blog

FactsBuffet I think was literally just for the sake of having the site mentioned in the Odyssey episode. Doesn’t have much, but is powered by The Odyssey Scoop.

The AIO Conspiracy has short, to-the-point episode reviews! And is still running!

The World Famous Odyssey Podcast was kind of like the Ceiling Fan Podcast, with their own adventures- but only published a total of four episodes.

The Emily Rules Klub is seriously fun to look at, I am not kidding. This website ran for a total of two years and featured the Anthem to Emily, Emily artwork, the Emily PhotoShopping contest, and Emily poems. So much Emily. I thought it was fun and I don’t even like Emily.

Agent 1132 Is another kind of casual “We Love Odyssey” kind of social media thing. Fun stuff. And it’s not dead!

Multsey Baby is the outlet for a fan’s obsession about AIO and Richard Maxwell. Fun stuff to look at!

Incorrect AIO Quotes is seriously one of the best fan sites I have seen. Seriously. It is hilarious!

Eugene Sings! The whole thing on YouTube!

Eugene Sings! Christmas! The whole thing!

Odyssey and Abroad is ACTIVE and has some great reviews on normal and AIOC episodes.


Yes, and this list will probably continue to grow. If you have a site that wasn’t included on this list, be sure to leave it in the comments below, or send us an email at odysseynerds@mail.com. This is Kungfunaomi, reminding you to come in and nerd out at Odysseynerds!