AIOWiki poll has been updated- no user required!

Hey nerds! Remember that big to-do I made last night about the AIO Writers teaming up with AIOWiki to gather your opinions? Well, now it is faster and easier than ever to give them your answers! An AIOWiki account is no longer required, and it’s as simple as filling in the poll boxes with your answers, just like any other internet poll. Take a look at this link:


The AIO Writers team up with AIOWiki for YOUR opinions!

Hey, nerds! This is a highly unusual event so please participate! The Adventures in Odyssey writers are using AIOWiki to gather information about fan’s opinions on Adventures in Odyssey. Here’s how this works:

You can view the news item on the AIOWiki homepage. To look at the questions, go to this link: You must have an AIOWiki user to participate, if you want one, then click “request account” on the top right corner of the web page.
To give your answers to the poll, go to this link: An “edit” button will appear next to each “ballot box” once logged in, and you can enter your answers. As you will notice, the poll is asking for which characters you like, and which you absolutely hate. It also asks this for all recent episodes that have come out in the last year and a half.

AIOWiki says that the writers will discuss this feedback in their next writer’s meetings. You can view the news post here:

The Nerdlies, Issue 12

Small biweeklies to feed your inner nerd

Dairy King opens in Downtown Odyssey

By Kungfunaomi

Concern sparked earlier last year with the announcement that Dairy King was going to build a restaurant in downtown Odyssey. That concern has flared back up with the grand opening of the facility earlier last week.
The concern is concerning Whit’s End. People are worried that Dairy King will drive the popular ice cream and soda shop out of business. When asked for comment, Connie Kendall said, “well, it’s not like they deliver quality ice cream. It’s fast food, for Pete’s sake! Why didn’t anyone tell me that Dairy King was opening a store!?” She huffed, and proceeded to explain that no one tells her anything.
“The concerns of the population are unfounded,” Eugene Meltsner confidently told us, “the “five buck lunch” is merely a marketing scheme that includes everything that Whit’s End doesn’t have.” He seemed to realize his mistake in saying that, and proceeded to calculate numbers on his pocket calculator and pretend we weren’t there.
John Whittaker’s comment was the most comforting. “Well, people come to Whit’s End to learn about the Bible, and to interact with other people. Dairy King doesn’t have that aspect to its business, so I expect we’ll be getting the same amount of customers as we always do.”

We asked Connie Kendall to comment on the opening of a Burger Queen in Connlesville, and she proceeded to scream that she didn’t know about that, either.