The Nerdlies, Issue 35

Trump to Build 4th Wall Around Odyssey

By Kungfunaomi

The President of the United States has finally had enough of the illegal immigrants coming to Odyssey, specifically Dr. James Dobson. He has been deported from Odyssey, and now President Trump is going to build a 4th wall around Odyssey to keep people such as Dr. Dobson out.
“We really do need a 4th wall around here,” Mr. Whittaker commented when asked, “Things get pretty messy when we try to bring in people like Dr. Dobson. People’s brains explode, because they try to explain something that the writers didn’t even care to figure out… and when the 4th wall goes up I need to stop making comments like that.”

The construction is expected to commence on Wednesday.


The Nerdlies, Issue 34

Dreams By Constance Weddings Triple the Inflation Rate

By Kungfunaomi

Connie Kendall’s local wedding business has become extremely popular in the news, but not because she plans weddings.

“I don’t know how this could have happened,” she told us last night, “Wait- no, I actually do. It’s because I spent so much money for both Eugene and Katrina’s wedding, and Wooton and Penny’s wedding. I blame them!”

We asked the respective couples to come down to our offices for an interview- why so much money was spent on their weddings?

“Oh, we just had to have the trapeze artist!” Penny told us.

“Oh, and don’t forget the live Newsboys concert!” Wooton added.

“And the Stephen Spielberg film made about us for the wedding slideshow!”

When we asked Eugene and Katrina about their wedding, Katrina told us, “Well, we had hospital bills to pay, we had down payments on Johnny and the Jell-o Cubes that we lost when they were fired, the orchestra cost quite a bit of money, fireworks, and we had to pay for burning the church basement, and the convertible that we left out in the rain.”

But where did they get the money?

“It’s quite inconceivable, really,” Eugene told us, “It grows on trees that only the mysterious Kathy Buchanan can provide for us. How unfortunate that the inflation rates in our country should triple.”

We can only hope that a real fourth wall will be built around Odyssey soon.

We Still Have The Buck And Eugene Adventure!

Wow! This has definitely been an eventful day! So I emailed Nathan Hoobler (One of the writers for AIO) and I asked him what happened to the Buck and Eugene Adventure and he said the following.

“I’ve seen several questions about Eugene’s and Buck’s adventure in album
64, but it has not been pulled or replaced. That adventure is in the
episode “Out of the Picture” The clip that you heard that mentions Mr.
Skint is from that show. So, you can spread the word: Eugene and Buck”s
adventure is still happening! (And there are more to come.)

You heard it right! The Buck and Eugene is still there and Mr. Skint is returning! Or he will at least be mentioned a lot. You heard it here first folks. Also thanks to Nathan Hoobler for responding so quickly and providing us with this wonderful news!