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Good Secrets
12/4/05 — Alex Jefferson here with another update. (And it’s not pretty!)Has anybody seen the new book for sale at Electric Palace called Tales of a Small-Town Thug? Rusty Gordon, who used to be in Rodney’s gang, wrote it. If you haven’t seen it, skip to the next paragraph. If you have seen it, keep reading. My advice: Don’t pick it up! If you have picked it up, please don’t open it. Here’s the important thing: DON’T READ IT! If you haven’t read it, pat yourself on the back. You’ll be a smarter and happier person. If you have read it, you’re probably crying by now. So grab a Kleenex, and read the rest of my entry to cheer up.

OK, for all you lucky people who didn’t pick up a copy of this book, the back cover says, “The secrets you never knew that went on in a small Midwestern town.” That sounds kind of interesting. The problem is Rusty’s secrets aren’t very nice. For example, he talks about this one guy, Alec Jefferton, who he says “is like a human vegetable, always planted somewhere, usually in front of a computer.” That’s pretty mean. I feel sorry for that Alec guy.

Why should secrets have to be bad? Why can’t we tell good secrets about people instead? I put together a list of some of the best secrets in Odyssey.

  1. Connie Kendall was an extra in a Hollywood movie that filmed at her school in California.
  2. Eugene Meltsner graduated from high school at age 9.
  3. Tom Riley’s father was a country doctor, who helped build the Fillmore Recreation Center – the building that’s now Whit’s End!
  4. Bernard Walton has traveled the U.S. and has a collection of spoons from every state.
  5. Mr. Whittaker is missing part of his right ear. He was injured saving a group of soldiers at the Battle of Guadalcanal in World War II!

It’s easy to tell bad secrets about people, but we should be sharing good ones instead. That’s all for now.


Final AIOC 2018 News + Roundup

All right, you guys, I will start with the latest news and work my way backwards to old news.

“Rewinding the Big Picture” was written by Bob Hoose, and directed by Phil Lollar. The plot so far is that Camilla attempts to cheer up her friend Maisey, but she makes things worse. Whit programs a Room of Consequence adventure to help her say the right things. Also appearing will be a classmate of Camilla and Maisey, whose name is Noah. Noah will be played by Garrett McQuaid, who played the young version of Jack Allen in “The Journal of John Avery Whittaker”.
Maisey will be played by Justine Huxley, and Camilla has a new actress, Lilly Mae Stewart. You can hear a scene from this episode between Justine and Lilly at this link:

A new episode featuring Eugene, Katrina, and Buck was recorded, entitled “Divided We Fall”. This episode will have Eugene and Buck attempting to build a tree house, but their plans are cut short when case worker Edna Platt (played by actress Angela Cartwright), comes to their house to do an inspection. She can’t remove Buck unless any injury comes to him, unfortunately, while she is inspecting, Buck falls out of said tree. You can watch that clip right at this link:
At some point, a judge and a doctor get involved. The judge is played by the one and only Tony Amendola, who was the imam in When One Door Closes, and was Chief Tom in The Cure. [Perhaps the doctor will be Lily Graham].

And speaking of Lily Graham, with the sad passing of Lori Tritel, Odyssey’s doctor will have a new voice, Kay Bess. Kay played the author Robyn Mallory in the episode “Between the Lines”. Kay’s first episode is also another intriguing one, called “Met His Match”. It will feature Connie’s voyage onto an online dating site, while Penny and Olivia put Whit on there- without his knowledge. This show was originally called “Whit’s Women” and will have both Mitzi McCall as Mrs. Kramer, and Lucki Wheating as Lucia Ortaga. You can watch a clip at this link:
And here is a picture of the script: bts10


One of the earlier episodes recorded was called “The Last Straw”, and will feature a story about forgiveness, after “Olivia contribute[s] to the demise of Camilla’s science project.” Also in this story is when Connie accidentally insults someone on her radio show. Who? We don’t know. Both Andre Sojka as Whit and Steve Eastin as Red Hollard appear in this episode. Here’s a clip of Olivia and Camilla:

A new Drake the Cosmic Copper episode was recorded, called “Drake and the Time That Time Forgot”, and was written by Bob Hoose. Here’s a picture of the script: bts7
This will feature Townsend Coleman as Drake, Jess Harnell as Woots, Katie Leigh as Connie (and perhaps someone else), Carol Mansell (who voiced Eleanor Wise), Kimmy Robertson, and Cristina Pucelli. Cristina will be playing “Raelyn, a 12-year-old scientist out to make the universe a better place.” You can hear a clip of it at this link:

And the first episode to be recorded was “Failing to the Finish Line”, written by Sam Suksiri and directed by Phil Lollar. This episode will feature the characters of Eugene, Matthew Parker, Beezee (played by Lily Sanfelippo), who will be “testing out a powerful new go-cart engine”, Nelson Swanson, and Horus. Horus is “Eugene’s nerdy intern” and will be played by newcomer Adam McArthur.

Well, my friends, after all this news, this was a total of six episodes to be recorded for AIOC 2018. No doubt the first six of the year. This is Kungfunaomi reminding you to come in and nerd out at Odysseynerds!

“Rewinding the Big Picture” to bring back some familiar faces?

All right! So we have got some stuff… I am going to start with the last piece of news on the Eugene, Katrina, and Buck episode titled “Divided We Fall” (definitely excited for this one!), is that Tony Amendola plays the judge in this episode. Tony played Chief Tom in the AIOC episode “The Cure”. He also played the father on Fallout 4. For all of you who have dads like mine that play Fallout.
Speaking of actors you might recognize, also in “Divided We Fall”, is a social worker who is played by the one and only Angela Cartwright, who played Brigitta Von Trapp in the (awesomest) most popular movie version of The Sound of Music.

All right, now to the next episode, called “Rewinding the Big Picture”. I guess it will take a look back at some characters, because in the Facebook post, “We’ll meet new friends and reconnect with old ones.” I can only assume this means actually old ones? Similar to the return of Marvin Washington in Unfair Game? They say that this is the “final, kid-centered show of this recording session”, so we kind of might have the idea of what is next. Rewinding the Big Picture will have Camilla Parker, played by the recently introduced Lilly Mae Stewart. Camilla will say some unconventional things to her friend Maisey, who will be played by Justine Huxley. Justine is a good actor with a ridiculous amount of voices that she can make, but the one she is using for Maisey is more toned down. You can watch a clip of her and Lilly acting together at this link: