Interview with Robby Bruce (voice of Buck Oliver)

Hey nerds! I just have to say THANK YOU LUKE for getting this interview because this is like the best thing that has happened to this blog. I would also like to say thanks to Robby Bruce for taking the time to interview with Luke.
If you don’t know, Mr. Bruce plays Buck Oliver, ex-counterfeiter who currently resides with Eugene and Katrina. So, let’s get into the interview!


Luke: Tell us about you ADR career. What made you interested in pursuing it?

Robby: I pursued ADR only cause it was FUN.  I’ve never done anything that I didn’t enjoy doing.

Luke: If you could be a different character in Adventures In Odyssey, who would it be?

Robby: In all honesty, I don’t think I would want to change my character.  I love Buck and I feel like I can relate to him more than I do any other character.

Luke: What’s your favorite episode that you played in?

Robby: Well I’m pretty sure my favorite episode really isn’t just one episode.  I would have to say that the first album Buck was in (The Green Ring Conspiracy) is my favorite.

Luke: If Buck wasn’t staying with Eugene and Katrina, who would you want him to stay with?

Robby: I think it would be interesting to see him living with Mr. Whittaker.

Luke: Do you like the relationship between Buck and Jules?

Robby: I do only because I think that they have great chemistry together and I think that they are (without knowing it) best friends and it could possibly lead to something really awesome for them.

Luke: Do you lean more towards ADR and sound work, or voice acting?

Robby: I don’t really lean towards one thing.  Like I said in my previous answer, I’ve never done anything that I didn’t enjoy.

Luke: Are there any audio dramas, movies, or TV series that you would want to play on?

Robby: I’m not really sure how to answer this, but one of my favorite shows to watch has been Green Arrow.  So I guess it would be cool to play a superhero.

Luke: Who is your favorite character in Adventures In Odyssey?

Robby: Aside from my character, haha, I would probably have to say that it’s a tie between Connie and Katrina.

Luke: Is there anything that you want to happen to Buck in the future?

Robby: I’m not sure. I’m really happy with the way things are going for Buck, but I would like to dive in to his past a little more.

Luke: If a sibling of Buck’s were to come to Odyssey, what would you want him or her to be like?

Robby: I’m not sure.  Because I have a sister in real life, I feel like I would have a better dynamic with a sister – although I’m not sure what I would want her to be like.

Luke: How much longer do you want Buck to be a non-Christian?

Robby: I truthfully think that Buck is going at a very good pace when it comes to finding God and building a relationship with Him.  And that’s kinda’ happening through the people around him.  It’s kinda’ like when people say that we are a product of our environment, so hopefully that will happen soon.


Thank you again to Robby Bruce for interviewing! And thanks to Luke and Focus on the Family for getting this set up! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, leave them down in the comments, use the contact form on our site, or email us at This is Kungfunaomi reminding you to come in and nerd out at Odysseynerds!


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