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ATC Behind the Scenes at Get In The Show

Hey nerds! This episode of the Audio Theatre Central Podcast is a MUST LISTEN. Seriously, if you are a fan of Odyssey you have to listen to this podcast. Why? It’s a behind the scenes of the Get in the Show finale! And it’s got EVERYTHING packed into the hour-long podcast. Interviews with fans, Bob Smiley, the contestants of Get in the Show, Shona Kennedy, Andre Stojka, and Katie Leigh. Also, we get to hear much more such as JD Sutter and Austin Peachey being nerds at Cracker Barrel. You can listen to this awesome edition of the podcast (also known as ATC96) at this link. Not embedded below, for some reason it’s not working today. 


The Nerdlies, Issue 3

Small biweeklies to feed your inner nerd

Eclipse 2017 Party At Whit’s End

By Kungfunaomi

Well, folks, if you are reading this post after the 2017 eclipse, then you missed out on the Whit’s End Eclipse 2017 party. The party is predicted to be a rousing success, finger foods such as “fried eyeballs” will teach a valuable lesson on not looking directly at the sun. We’re sure that Eugene will be giving us a lecture on how this eclipse will work, and Connie will most likely translate, “The moon is gonna cover the sun.”

Adventures in Oddity Review


Adventures in Odyssey has come out with many products. Many, many products. So what makes Adventures in Oddity any different?

It’s written by Will Ryan and Katie Leigh. Who better to tell us about the oddity that goes on behind the scenes of two of the most beloved characters from the show?

Not only that, it’s written in dialogue form. If you have no idea what that is, the closest approximation would be script form.

So, kick back and read this review to find out what makes this book such an Adventure in Oddity.

Contains spoilers. Click the “Read More” tag to continue.

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