Album 64: A couple spoilers, and more controversy

Hey, nerds! Wrapping up with the AIO Podcast, here are a couple spoilers for you:

Jacques Henri will make an appearance in “Your Honest Opinion, Please”.

Buck has been trying to contact Mr. Skint, in what is presumably the untitled Buck and Eugene adventure that was cut and replaced with Sir Buddy’s Snow Day. But why would they air that line anyway if the episode was cut? Will this line appear in Out of the Picture instead? Was the episode really cut? What do you think?

Luke is trying to get a statement from Nathan Hoobler about this, we’ll update you when he does.


Ask The Producers podcast: Questions and Answers

Hey, nerds! So here we go with the questions and answers from the official AIO Podcast!

Will Grayson Smith become a regular actor? 

They don’t know. He doesn’t live in Southern California, where the Odyssey actors are.

How far ahead in the scripts and recording are they?

It depends on the episode. The episodes that you are going to hear in Album 64 were recorded last April. Rewinding The Big Picture debuts in the AIOC in January and is not finished yet.

Why doesn’t B-TV: Revenge have the “did you know” segment?

There weren’t any kids in the show. Also, Sam couldn’t necessarily think of any ‘did you knows’ for revenge. The script was also already pretty long.
Sam has a B-TV script that is in process as we speak, which DOES have the ‘did you know’ segment!

Will Leonard Meltsner make a future appearance?

They don’t have any plans for it, but they aren’t going to make it a closed issue. There’s always a chance, but don’t look for him in the next few albums.

When will Jacques Henri get a girlfriend?

He will be in an upcoming episode called “Your Honest Opinion, Please”. He has a past in France that we don’t know about, or in Canada, but does he currently have a girlfriend? No, but it’s possible. It would be funny if he fell in love with someone who didn’t like art. That doesn’t happen in the upcoming episode. We will hear more of Jacques in the future.

Was that Robby Bruce voicing Evan from Friend or Foe?

Yep, that was him. He only had one line, they just used him. In upcoming shows, you’ll hear Sam Suksiri, and Bob Smithouser, because they were already in the studio.

Will Buck and Jules start dating?

Sam Suksiri thinks they are great together. While the two characters get together really well, they are not on the same page yet because Jules doesn’t really yet belong. This is often a question that comes up, but the question is should they? Will it kill the excitement of these two characters? Will they become less interesting?
Phil says they tried to set up that idea in Legacy. But they really would have to examine them further before making them an “item”.

Can Connie and Jason please be a thing?

This question has come up a lot over the years. No one is in a gray area over this: there is the “That’s disgusting” group, and there is the “YES YES YES” group. Phil says they would have to take a lot of things into consideration before they ever do something like that. He can’t really think of a scenario whereby that would happen, without everyone going “GROSS”. Nathan reminds us that this affects the character for the rest of the series, and they don’t plan on ending the series anytime soon. And if it doesn’t work out, then they can’t just get them divorced. So they have to plan very, very far ahead and make sure for sure that they want to do this on the show.


Spoiler: quote from Phil Lollar

Hey, nerds! You can hear this quote on the new AIO Podcast! 

Phil Lollar: “However, I will say this: we have some shows planned, coming up, where a character from the past, a really important character from the past, shows up again. Several of them, in fact, but one in particular everybody’s gonna go ‘WHAT!?’, I guarantee it.”
Nathan Hoobler: “One that many people have asked about.”

Nathan Hoobler: Album 64 December 27th

Hey, nerds! Just in case you weren’t sure the first time, now we have two confirmations that Album 64 comes out December 27th! Nathan Hoobler has said so… on the new Adventures in Odyssey Podcast! 

That’s right, there’s a new Ask the Producers podcast! I am going to make a huge spoilers post about it in just a minute here so stay tuned!! If you want to listen yourself, you can at this link or embedded below!