Richard Maxwell fan art

Whasup nerds? I know I have not posted like… anything… but that’s because I am being a good bippy and getting outside more, and drawing more.

And speaking of drawing, I made this Richard Maxwell fan art. I’m not going to apologize for it, I told myself I would quit doing that. So remember that Darkness Before Dawn scene where Richard and Jellyfish meet up? It was in the episode Hard Losses, and I didn’t follow the exact quote.



And I know 50 of you are going to be like ‘BUT it doesn’t look like Richard Maxwell!’. Well. Too bad. I’m having fun.


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The Nerdlies, Issue 18

Odyssey To Be Powered By Complaints Of Fans

By Kungfunaomi

Odyssey will soon become one of the only cities that recycles 70% of their mail.
Day in and day out, hate mail comes in. But, the Odyssians view that as a positive thing, as it is free electricity for the city.
Last week, the Odyssey-Connlesville Power Company officially switched Odyssey over to “ThermalHate” power. They have begun burning over three tons of nasty letters to fuel Odyssey’s houses, businesses, and apartment complexes.
“I distinctly recall being elated when we switched over the plant,” Eugene Meltsner, one of the attendees to the switching ceremony said, “It is as if we have turned something intended to be maddening into something good.” He also said they should probably just burn all opinion letters of any kind.

Odyssey is also looking into powering the city’s cars with tears of Mitch fans.