Dr. Blackgaard

Hey nerds! I posted this drawing on my other blog and I am going to add it to our gallery! Enjoy!

destiny to draw

Again, my frens, again! I never get tired of redoing this character!


OK yeah there was something that happened between the painting and the lineart. Not sure which I like better.

DrBlackgaardCard I think I might like just the lineart better. IDK. They both have their charms, I wish I had paid more attention to what I was doing while I was painting over it. There were plenty of things I decided to “fix” while painting it and that may have been a bad idea. Also, now that I look at it, should have made him more pale. Way more pale. Regardless, I learned a TON while doing this particular drawing. So… onward we go!

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The Nerdlies, Issue 2

Small biweeklies to feed your inner nerd.

Riot Rouses Jason Whittaker out of J&J’s Antiques

By Kungfunaomi

Earlier today, the business known as J&J’s Antiques was swarmed with a riot group of about 10 people. The group consisted of Connie Kendall, leader of the group, Harlow Doyle, Tasha Forbes, and others. Their main cause? “We want to get Jason back into the spy-business!” Tasha Forbes told us, standing outside of the shop, “Now that I know he’s not dead, how dare he sit around like an antique!? I think Connie has saved the world more than Jason has!”
Connie looked suspiciously over at Tasha and asked if that was an insult. Fighting broke out among the two women over Jason, in which Jason himself came out and put a stop to it.
When asked for comment, Mr. Whittaker said, “I mean it’s not like I’m not saving the world right now. I had a cool mystery with a music box, it was a message-”
As Jason droned on, our team dissolved to go eat at the Finneman’s Market Deli.