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ATC Behind the Scenes at Get In The Show

Hey nerds! This episode of the Audio Theatre Central Podcast is a MUST LISTEN. Seriously, if you are a fan of Odyssey you have to listen to this podcast. Why? It’s a behind the scenes of the Get in the Show finale! And it’s got EVERYTHING packed into the hour-long podcast. Interviews with fans, Bob Smiley, the contestants of Get in the Show, Shona Kennedy, Andre Stojka, and Katie Leigh. Also, we get to hear much more such as JD Sutter and Austin Peachey being nerds at Cracker Barrel. You can listen to this awesome edition of the podcast (also known as ATC96) at this link. Not embedded below, for some reason it’s not working today. 


The Blackgaard Chronicles Book 2 cover revealed

Hey, nerds! Book 2 of The Blackgaard Chronicles, Pawn’s Play, had a cover reveal poster at the Get in the Show event. The picture has been uploaded to AIOWiki for all to see until the official reveal.

File:BlackgaardChronicles Vol2 PawnsPlay.jpg

New art this time! That appears to be Dr. Blackgaard and Richard Maxwell. Stay tuned for more info!

Source/VIA: AIOWiki.com