Goodbye fellow Odyssians

On January 30th, 2016, I made the first Odysseynerds post entitled Hello fellow Odyssians.  It seemed fitting, then, to make the goodbye post in the same vein.
I already can see your face. “WHAA-A?” Is this a joke? Nope. This is a legit goodbye post.

So what happened? Well, what if I told you that I started this blog while I was angry at the other Odyssey blogs for not reporting on what I wanted to read? So I decided to show them how to do it right. (Right = my way, hehe.)
But I’m ready to move on. Multiple factors have played into this decision, between a second across-state move in less than a year, to an art scholarship and private commissions, to having art students of my own, there’s just a point where I have to choose my career path. The “art thing” has been working out quite well for me, while Odysseynerds is really just a blog. That’s all it will ever be. I’ve evaluated the return of running this blog for, say 6 years like AIOUpdate did. It’s not worth it to me. I’d rather learn completely new skills with this time I use for Odysseynerds, (and this was a new skill when I started it). From running this blog I learned how to conduct an interview, how WordPress works, how to set up polls, sites, a forum. How to interact with people on the Internet, and keep them from coming back to your blog. (Make them angry, that’s a good tip.) But, I say again, I’m ready to move on to a new skill set.

Notes from The Doctor/Luke: “Odyssey Nerds has brought me great joy (and stress) over the year. Through helping run this amazing site I have had awesome opportunities to talk with so many other AIO fans and even some of the AIO team. It has been fun, but like all things it cannot last. Life asks for more and I (and Naomi) have realized that we cannot be the biggest nerds forever. And I cannot possibly express to Naomi my gratitude for inviting me to join on this amazing journey. Yes I must admit that I was never as consistent as Naomi (Seriously I don’t know how she does it?). So in conclusion I would like to thank to viewers, in particular GracieMarchiani, agdolldreams, and Penny Bassett. I would also like to thank Naomi for many things but in particular being awesome. For now on me and Naomi will be like a unicorn or Leprechaun. Like always, stay cool and listen to Odyssey. Peace out!

Odysseynerds has shaken up the fandom, (or scarred it,) and I’m glad of it. I’ve talked to some neat people (and I don’t just mean the Odyssey team, I mean you guys), and I’m sure glad I did. So, this is Kungfunaomi, thanking you for coming in and nerding out at Odysseynerds!