Review of “Out of the Picture”

Warning. Contains spoilers. Click the “read more” button to continue.

Awwwwww snap, mah frenz! This is a fangirl service episode if I ever saw one, and Buck’s real name is Buck Bartley!
Kathy, Kathy, Kathy. She knows the fangirl-itis. It doesn’t have to be a good episode, it has to scratch that itch. This is good and bad. This episode is awesome and bizarre at the same time, and it does service to those who have been listening for awhile and have some kind of love for Buck and fanfictions, that kind of thing.

Eugene’s attitude about the whole thing. Once he got it in his mind to persist with the lady that insisted she didn’t know anything, well, that was that. It’s a callback to other episodes, notably ones such as The Right Choice or A Most Surprising Answer. Haven’t seen a lot of that lately, but he is very stubborn about some things.
The entire dialogue between Buck and Eugene is just great. Just great. A++++
Love hearing about stuff that didn’t happen over the air, especially on Wooton’s side of the episode. Whit’s disaster cake. Wooton and Bradford’s relationship, and Wooton’s once not-so-happy life.
THE END is such a fanfiction ending I couldn’t believe it! It makes you like, have a stupid smile on your face. Yayy Buck considers Eugene and Katrina his family!

Looking past the fangirling, fangirling everywhere, was this actually a good episode? If you aren’t a fan of Buck, then no. This is the problem with these kinds of episodes, the entire thing was to accomplish a new emotional and mental state for these characters, and if you aren’t a fan of those characters, then welp…
Another con is that if this is the first episode of Odyssey you ever listen to, then double welp…
Buck was way too excited to find some information. Very OOC (since we’re using fanfiction terms now). He is pessimistic in many regards and way too mature (or so we thought) to be getting that excited about a lead.
Um… what are we trying to accomplish with Wooton, now? I sometimes get confused and this is one of those times. Is he still everyone’s favorite comic relief or are we switching to real character development here? I didn’t think that it would get so… dark. Really fast. It almost felt bizarre. And then extremely emotional really fast. Like, with Buck we are always prepared for something dark, something angsty, but with Wooton you hit us with something dark and we’re like O_O. Think Tow Mater. Cars 2 completely confused me as to if Tow Mater is everyone’s favorite idiot, or if he really is able to foil world plots with the help of his sharp wits. Straying a little to close to that, guys, Wooton is either one or the other.
AND JULES!?!? What the…!? I did a facepalm. Why is she part of Buck’s family tree, this is getting really creepy guys! Really creepy! He puts Eugene, Katrina, Whit, and Jules on there. I’m just sitting here, trying to not be creeped out. You are taking this romance too far… hello… that would be like me putting Luke on my family tree. CREEPY!

Image result for Creepy meme

*Clears throat*
Hmmmm ‘kay. Overall, this is a episode purely for the purpose of Buck fans, with Wooton kind of thrown in. The mystery part of it is ‘eh’, there was a bit of a “big reveal” that Buck’s real name is Buck Bartley, but overall this episode served as mushy, emotional character development. Fans will be very divided over this one, because it’s contingent on the fact that you like Buck in the first place. Not an episode for all. So, to you I say: have fun.

16 thoughts on “Review of “Out of the Picture”

  1. It was pretty good! The acting wasn’t as good as it could have been. Particularly Robby and Kimmy’s, but it wasn’t terrible by any means. I liked the Buck and Eugene scenes, especially the car scene coming back. I may or may not have been holding my breath in hopes that Buck would actually break down crying at one point. I think something like that may have been in order. His opinion development went something like this:
    – He hides that he cares. Saying he just wants to get the assignment done.
    – When Eugene gives him hope, he lets himself show that he actually does care a great deal.
    – He’s disappointed when he finds out his mother’s dead, and there aren’t any leads to really follow.
    – He’s suddenly perfectly fine because he realizes he still has people in his life that love him.
    It’s not terrible, but I would’ve appreciated a little more drama. Buck is an extremely closed off character, so when his “opening up,” sounds fairly mild, it’s a little annoying.
    I’ll try to have a full review of the album up on my website soon. Life’s crazy.

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    1. See, and you hope for that, but to me it’s out of character for them to just slam us with something like crying. I see your logic though. I was remembering when Eugene went looking for his family with Bernard, remember? They don’t really find anything, but they come back way later with an entire saga devoted to that. I don’t mind the lack of emotion now because it may be coming later.


  2. Yeah. I agree with that. With all the unanswered questions, it’s pretty likely they’ll come back to it. And I wouldn’t want a scene to start with someone crying. Maybe something closer the Plan B, “I’m not okay” scene. Connie’s kinda in shock, and you think the scene will end, and then it pulls you back in with the suddenly heavy emotional stuff.
    What are your theories on Divided We Fall?

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    1. Oh gosh, Divided we Fall I am hyped for merely because of the name. I’m pretty sure that that Buck falls out of the treehouse trying to conquer his fear of heights, (script picture look closely at it) but I don’t think it will amount to a whole ton because it’s an AIOC episode.


    Secondly: I can’t decide. I feel like he might get adopted. There is a judge after all. I could actually see, similarly to your fanfic, them going to court, in this case, because there was a concern about him being harmed due to “abuse or neglect.” (i.e. falling out of a treehouse) But they win and sort of right there and then he’s adopted. Maybe I just want that to happen, I dunno. I’m probably wrong.
    Third: Oh, and are you saying Buck jumped out of the tree to conquer his fear of heights?


    1. No he was in the tree to conquer his fear of heights. Then he fell out. He didn’t mean to. And it actually I have to find the script picture on my computer and email it to you. In the corner of the picture you can see another page of script which is where I get my claims but I will have to back myself up. Because I want to.
      Honestly I was also thinking similar to my fanfic, you’re not the only one, but my huge giant question is would they really go that far????? In an AIOClub episode??


  4. Yeah, that’s the only thing… it does seem like a pretty big event for an AIOC episode, but I don’t know. They could put a “last time” sequence before the next mainstream Meltsner episode, or make it available for download or something. It’s hard to say. And yes! I’d love to see that picture!

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