Album 65 Title + 2 Episodes

Hey, nerds! LUKE IS SO AMAZING he got the scoop from Nathan Hoobler and we can now give you the tentative title of Album 65, so spoilers alert!

Album 65: Expect the Unexpected

Two episode titles given to us were the following:

The Good in People
Always Do Your Best-ish

Many many thanks to Luke and to Nathan Hoobler! Remember, this is a tentative title for Album 65 so it may or may not be changed. This is Kungfunaomi reminding you to come in and nerd out at Odysseynerds!


AIO: Fan Favorites Album Coming

Hey, nerds! AIOWiki has added a page with the upcoming Fan Favorites Album summary. They say it’s going to be released June 5. No word on which 24 episodes are in the album yet, I’ll keep an eye out! It also comes with a “fan created booklet”, and “behind-the-scenes birthday celebration” on a seperate, bonus DVD.


Source/VIA: AIOWiki

Album 64 episode available in the AIOC Apps!

Update: one of our readers, NJ, has spotted the episode on the computer site. It doesn’t work for me personally, but I’m not surprised because I have browser problems all the time. So try refreshing your browser!

Hey, nerds! Here’s a step in the right direction! If your Adventures in Odyssey Club app is updated to the most current version, you will see none other than the first episode of Album 64: Under the Surface! It is not on the computer version of the site yet, but they have put up a banner advertising for it, and it will most likely be there momentarily. Meanwhile, listen to it and then sit tight for a review! Luke will review it today (hopefully), and I will review it this weekend (hopefully).

So! Where’s the new episode?

And the answer to that question is: I don’t know. December 27th was the drop date for the new AIO episode… and it hasn’t dropped. So… I’ll update if and when it does. The comment section has frozen because the moderators are gone, and I would think that during the Christmas week, quite a few of the employees would be gone as well. Mere speculation. When the episode releases, you shall be the first to know!