Review of “Out of the Picture”

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Review of “The Secret of the Writer’s Ruse”

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The Nerdlies, Issue 39

Ghost of Christmas Past Has Been Found

By Kungfunaomi

There really is a ghost of the past… and he really does fly around and tell Scrooges of the world what kind of misers they have become.
Mr. Whittaker, having turned 120-odd something, has been named the official Ghost of Christmas past… or maybe just Ghost of the Past. We have yet to clear up what the official title specifically is. But Mr. Whittaker certainly fits the description, having shown many-a-fellow what kind of idiot he has become, usually kids, or Jason Whittaker.
Mr. Whittaker’s flying/teleportation properties have been discovered as he shows up at just the right place and time… every time. This is especially illustrated in “Afraid… Not!”, when Danny prayed… and Mr. Whittaker appeared… hm…. we may have also found a Guardian Angel. Maybe we should go ask him about getting his wings.